Lloyd MacKinnon

Lloyd MacKinnonLloyd is one of those rare instructors that pours his heart and soul out when he is in the classroom.  His passion and love for the “job” and members of law enforcement comes through every time he teaches and he always gives 110% to his students.

Lloyd began his law enforcement career in 1998 in New Haven, Connecticut, as a Deputy Sheriff with the New Haven County Sheriff’s Department, working mainly in the courtroom arena. Lloyd then became a police officer for the North Haven Police Department in Connecticut.

Lloyd continued to work in the Town of North Haven for four more years until he moved out West to California in 2003. He applied and tested number one with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department who offered him an opportunity to go back to his Deputy Sheriff roots. Lloyd knew he had found his forever home with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s even though his field training proved difficult due to his heavy East Coast accent and his complete unfamiliarity with California lingo. (Ask him about this after class!)

Once at the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department Lloyd became a Canine handler. During his tenure, he had three canine partners and became an expert in suspect tactics and perimeter deployment. Lloyd took that talent to the air and founded the UAS/Drone Unit and authored the first COA with the FAA for the Department. He also served as a TFO (tactical flight officer) another natural spot for him. As a TFO he became eyes in the sky for chasing bad guys, setting up perimeters, and conducting longline rescues. As a Deputy Sheriff Lloyd worked on the Mobile Field Force, Dive Team, as a Community Deputy, Homicide Detective, and on a Stanislaus County District Attorney‘s Office Taskforce. Lloyd’s current favorite assignment is teaching recruits at the Stanislaus County Regional Training Center.

Lloyd was promoted to Sergeant with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department in January 2015 and then to Detective Sergeant in 2017. He was Sergeant of the Stanislaus County Dive Team for five years. In 2020 Lloyd was promoted to Lieutenant. He is currently a Lieutenant Patrol Watch Commander and has returned as Lieutenant Commander of his favorite unit…K9!