Mike Barnett

Mike recently retired as the Undersheriff of San Diego County in 2021 after three decades of distinguished service. With over twenty separate assignments under his belt he coached, trained, and led all 4,400 sworn and professional staff employees at the Sheriff’s Department in some capacity.

The cornerstone of Mike’s career was supporting his staff with solid training, sound policy, and superior leadership. He understands that any call can change a career and he wants you to be prepared to meet the challenge. With ten years of front-line experience, and twenty years of various management and executive roles, he understands the need to support the officer, and the organization, in good times and bad.

Mike is passionate about ethical and effective decision making from the front line to the chief executive’s office. As a sought-after trainer and speaker, he is devoted to giving back to the law enforcement profession. Whether you are looking to update your professional skill-set, get that sought after FTO pin on your uniform, or you see stripes, bars, or stars in your future, Mike has the experience and expertise to take you and your organization to the next level.

Want to get promoted?

Mike will work with you 1 on 1 to make that happen.