One-on-One Online Coaching

The way you progress in your career is too important to leave to chance. Elite athletes and industry leaders all have a coach and it’s time you did too.

What have you done to prepare? That’s a question you’ll hear in every interview for a promotion or specialty assignment. More importantly that’s a question you should be asking yourself. Without the right guidance and mentoring, you may be forced to watch from the sidelines as your colleague’s careers skyrocket but your remains stagnant. We don’t think that’s right and that’s why we launched our coaching program. Study any elite athlete or Fortune 500 CEO and you’ll see they seek out one-on-one coaching to help them succeed. We previously only offered private coaching to select students, but we’ve made this service for any law enforcement professional. Whether you want to learn to dominate the promotional process, develop your critical incident response skills or become an expert instructor, our coaches are ready to propel you forward. Having a coach is your secret weapon. Now, when they ask you what you have done to prepare, you’ll not only have a unique answer, you’ll be able to prove why you are ready.

Who are our coaches? Our coaches are our instructors. Each of them is an accomplished law enforcement professional with a passion for helping other cops. We know your coaching session will be incredibly value to you and we back it with a 100% money back guarantee. We believe so strongly in what our coaches offer that if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your coaching session, we’ll refund your money no questions asked. You have nothing to risk and everything to gain.

So, if you are ready to get promoted, get that coveted specialty assignment, or just bolster your skills and become and expert, we would like to help guide you.

How it Works

Step 1

Select the package that fits your needs

Step 2

Work with your coach 1 on 1 via phone or Zoom

Step 3

Walk away with a new-found confidence and skill set

We previously only offered private coaching to select students, but we’ve now launched this service for any law enforcement professional. Read what one of our coaching clients had to say:

“The knowledge, different perspectives and confidence you obtain from interacting with the Savage Training Group coaches, positively impacts your career. Due to speaking with a coach, my confidence has boosted. I was able to set goals and timelines for myself and because of the coaching I received, I know how I will reach them.”

— Ofc. Gonzalez, Ventura County,
California Law Enforcement Officer

Select a Package

The Get Promoted Package

You want to advance your law enforcement career by applying for specialty positions or promoting. The problem is so do a lot of your colleagues and you are all competing for a limited number of positions. Worse yet, you do not have a mentor, coaching though all the steps it will take to be successful. Or maybe the only mentors to turn to are the people in your own agency who naturally come with their own bias and favorites. How good are you in an oral interview? Have you really positioned yourself to be the best candidate? Want to hear an honest assessment of your strengths and the things that your leaders are not telling you?

What a lot of candidates so is follow everyone else’s lead and prepare for a promotion or specialty doing the same thing everyone else is doing. The ones who really want it, however, break from the pack and work with a coach. If you genuinely want the position, we can help you achieve that. In your Get Promoted coaching session, our coaches will show you easy to understand ways to position yourself, how to dominate the oral interview and how-to diagnosis and fix that one thing that might have kept you from being selected. All of our coaches have been extraordinarily successful in promotional processes and are ready to tell you the simple things you can do right away so you can do the same.

1-hour Session – $149
2-hour Session – $274
3-hour Session – $397

The Instructor Development Package

How many times have you sat through a law enforcement training course where the well-meaning but ineffective instructor clicked through a dry Power Point? He or she read every word from the Power Point while meanwhile the students sat bored and uninterested. Perhaps you have attended those outdated instructor courses where they are still talking about visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. Does that info really help you become a good instructor? No.

We have built our reputation on only using expert instructors and making sure our training courses are fun, engaging and most important, that learning has occurred. In our Instructor Development Package, we will match you with one of our expert instructors and show what we do to make our courses so popular. For the Instructor Development Package, we invite all our instructors to be coaches. They will show you how we design courses, decide on learning activities, build themes, test for learning, manage classrooms and have students leave the course saying, “That was the best course I’ve ever been to.” Whether you are an academy instructor, an in-service training instructor, field training officer or any other trainer, this is the package for you.

1-hour Session – $149
2-hour Session – $274
3-hour Session – $397

The Critical Incident Response Package

Whether you are testing for Sergeant, Lieutenant, SWAT, K9 or FTO, there is a good chance you are going to be given a tactical scenario to solve. Whether it’s an officer-involved shooting, a pursuit that turns into a barricade or something you’ve never actually responded to, you better be ready. You have one chance to get it right and you know what to do.

We’ll show you the one common factor that most critical incident scenarios contain factor

You’ll learn how to explain how you’d manage the incident clearly and concisely

You will work with an experienced trainer who will share the most up to date tactics with you

Even if you are not on the promotional list but you have been out of patrol for a while, this is a great way to brush up on your skills.

During our Critical Incident Response coaching call, you’re going to learn how to instantly prioritize your objectives, clearly explain your response and best of all, plan for contingencies before the evaluators ever get a chance to trip you up!

1-hour Session – $149
2-hour Session – $274
3-hour Session – $397

Don’t leave your career up to the whims of your agency; take control today. Do what elite athletes and Fortune 500 CEOs do and get a coach.

Your Coaches

Mike Barnett

Mike Barnett


  • 29+ years in law enforcement and still on the job
  • Current Undersheriff of San Diego County (CA)
  • Experience: Chief operating officer of large department with over 9 million dollar budget and over 4K employees

Dan Flippo


  • 29+ years law enforcement experience
  • Experience: Command Staff, Field Supervisor, Incident Commander, SWAT Commander, National Tactical Officer’s Association Instructor

Lloyd MacKinnon


  • 21+ years in law enforcement and still on the job
  • Experience: Field Supervisor, Incident Commander, K9 Officer, Detective Supervisor, Academy Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions


What technology do I need to work with my coach?
Your coach will work with you either on the phone or by using Zoom. For Zoom, we’ll send you an invite and there is no special software to download.
I am preparing for promotion. What package would be best for me?
The Get Promoted Package is perfect for anyone who will be undergoing a promotional process and those competing for a specialty position. If you are going to face a tactical scenario as part of the process, make sure to also sign up for the Critical Incident Package.
I’m not applying for anything, I’m just returning to patrol and need to brush up. What package would this be right for me?
Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been in patrol and you want to brush up on the latest tactics and concepts. Our coaches are subject matter experts who are still working law enforcement officers. Let them get you up to speed and give you a few new tools for your toolbox.
I’m going to apply for promotion. Should I tell my competition about this service?
Definitely not.
Do you really offer a money guarantee on coaching sessions?
Absolutely. We want you to have a successful career and we believe our coaches can help you get there. But, if after your session you are not completely satisfied, we’ll give you your money back. We’re that confident in this program!