One-on-One Online Coaching

Master the Critical Incident Scenario:

One-On-One Online Coaching

Whether you are testing for Sergeant, Lieutenant, SWAT, K9 or FTO, there is a good chance you are going to be given a tactical scenario to solve. Whether it’s an officer-involved shooting, a pursuit that turns into a barricade or something you’ve never actually responded to, you better be ready. You have one chance to get it right and you know what to do.

Did you know most critical incident scenarios are designed with one common factor?

Can you explain how to manage an incident clearly and concisely?

Are you sure you’ve been given the right advice?

During our Master the Critical Incident Scenario coaching call, you’re going to learn how to instantly prioritize your objectives, clearly explain your response and best of all, plan for contingencies before the evaluators ever get a chance to trip you up!

Are you just looking to brush up on your patrol tactics skills? Maybe you are heading back to the patrol division and need to brush up. Our coaches will show you the simple hacks you need to know to not only master the scenario but also coordinate a real incident. The coaches are current law enforcement officers who are experienced incident commanders and instructors. They’ll This isn’t complex theory or vague concepts; they’ll give you the specific actionable steps you need to take. 

How it Works

Step 1

Reserve a 45-minute Coaching Session

Step 2

Get 1 on 1 coaching via phone or Zoom Video Chat (No software needed.)

Step 3

Walk away with complete confidence, ready to master the critical incident scenario.

45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions are $75.00

Your Coaches

Scott Savage


  • 20+ years in law enforcement and still on the job
  • Experience: Field Supervisor, Incident Commander, SWAT member, HNT Team Leader, Task Force member

Dan Flippo


  • 29+ years in law enforcement and still on the job
  • Experience: Command Staff, Field Supervisor, Incident Commander, SWAT Commander, National Tactical Officer’s Association Instructor

Lloyd MacKinnon


  • 21+ years in law enforcement and still on the job
  • Experience: Field Supervisor, Incident Commander, K9 Officer, Detective Supervisor, Academy Instructor

We previously only offered private coaching to select students, but we’ve now launched this service for any law enforcement professional. Read what one of our coaching clients had to say:

“The knowledge, different perspectives and confidence you obtain from interacting with the Savage Training Group coaches, positively impacts your career. Due to speaking with a coach, my confidence has boosted. I was able to set goals and timelines for myself and because of the coaching I received, I know how I will reach them.”

— Ofc. Gonzalez, Ventura County,
California Law Enforcement Officer

Don’t wait until testing day, take advantage of this opportunity to get a shot of confidence and master the Critical Incident Scenario. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What types of critical incident scenarios will my coach explain?
Actual scenarios used in real testing processes. Critical incident scenarios typically involve competing priorities, safety and risk issues, limited resources and a seemingly overwhelming.
What do I need to work with my coach?
Although you can just use your phone, we recommend you use your computer. Your coach will send you a Zoom Video Meeting invite which will allow him to share his screen with you. That way, you’ll see the diagrams and graphics your coach wants to show you. There’s no special software needed and nothing to download.
I’m going to apply for promotion. Should I tell my competition about this service?
Definitely not.
I’m not applying for anything, I’m just returning to patrol and need to brush up. Would this be right for me?
Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been in patrol and you want to brush up on the latest tactics and concepts. Our coaches are subject matter experts who are still working law enforcement officers. Let them get you up to speed and give you a few new tools for your toolbox.
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