Most law enforcement officers are frustrated by a lack of high-quality training classes. Our expert instructors teach advanced courses that help officers advance their careers, become experts and save lives.

Most law enforcement officers are frustrated by a lack of high-quality training classes. Our expert instructors teach advanced courses that help officers advance their careers, become experts and save lives.

Response Tactics for Critical Incidents and In-Progress Crimes®

This course is the original critical incident response course. In the course we teach officers and supervisors:

How to quickly set up rock-solid perimeters

5 simple concepts that will work on ANY incident

Understand not only how to engage or disengage from a suspect or situation but more importantly why

See Why This Course Is So Highly Rated

Advance Your Career and Be Prepared When It Matters Most

Practical and Common-Sense

Our engaging training course is so practical and easy to follow, you will be able to use what you learn on your very next shift.

For Officers and Supervisors

Designed for officers/deputies, sergeants, lieutenants and anyone looking for a competitive edge at their next promotional process.

Modern and State of the Art

We show you not only the industry standard tactics but also the new, cutting-edge strategies you need to know.

Fun and Engaging

This isn’t one of those outdated and boring courses you can find elsewhere. No “Death by Power Point” here!

How We Solve Common Critical Incident Response Issues


  • Lack of coordination and uncertainty about who is in charge
  • Uncertainty about what to do first, what role to take and confusion about liability
  • “That’s how we’ve always done it.”
  • The suspect wasn’t properly contained and escaped


  • After attending the course you’ll become the “go-to” person when an in-progress incident occurs
  • You’ll know how to instantly prioritize an incident and methodically work
    through chaos and uncertainty
  • You’ll see real incident video and learn why things went wrong
  • You’ll learn how to outsmart and outmaneuver suspects

Field Training Officer Course
(Basic Certification and Update)

We teach FTOs how to teach, evaluate and document. Our expert instructors make your FTOs expert instructors. What is different about our FTO training courses? Everything.

Here’s why our students say FTOs need to take these courses:

  • These are immersive courses. From Day 1, you will be teaching and evaluating live role players, not watching an instructor click through a dry Power Point. You are going to have a lot of fun!
  • We only use Expert Instructors who will show you how to use modern teaching techniques. You are going to walk away confident to teach any new recruit or lateral officer because your teaching skills have been super-charged!
  • You are going to learn everything you need to know about liability laws, the science of learning, the best way to write evaluations and more.
  • If you’re a new FTO you are going to feel confident and ready to train the day you get back to your department. If you are an experienced FTO, you are going to be re-energized to train officers because you have a completely new set of tools in your toolbox.

Students Are Saying:

Response Tactics for Critical Incidents and In-Progress Crimes

"I was frustrated seeing call after call not handled with the care it needed. I am positive more officers would still be alive right now, including my partner who was killed, had more agencies sent their officers and supervisors to this training."

- Detective Brian Wilson, Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department (CA)

Response Tactics for Critical Incidents and In-Progress Crimes

“This course is a must for all officers!”

- Officer Donald Anderson, San Francisco Police Department (CA)

Response Tactics for Critical Incidents and In-Progress Crimes

“After attending, I feel more confident training, teaching and running an in-progress call. The class is super fun and practical!”

— Senior Deputy Tyler Abbott, Ventura County SO (CA)

Field Training Officer Basic

“The higher level of teaching the instructors used was not only used to train us the students but also drove home how we can use those same techniques to train recruits. The practical application of observing and recording, preparing DORs and practicing the delivering a DORs to a recruit was priceless.”

— Officer JG, Santa Clara County Police Agency (CA)

Field Training Officer Basic

“I was anxious about the public speaking portion of teaching but you guys made the classroom a comfortable place to learn. If anyone is on the fence about attending, I would say don’t be as long as you attend the Savage Training Group version of the FTO course. It was a cutting-edge presentation of the material.”

— Deputy B., Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department (CA)

Field Training Officer Basic

“You will be doing your future trainee, the training program, your department and yourself a complete disservice if you pass up this class. All of your questions will be answered and if not, the instructors will work tirelessly to find you the answer.”

— Officer S. Clayton, Tracy PD (CA)

Field Training Officer Basic

"I heard that other FTO courses were boring, outdated and were mostly “Death by Power Point” so I wasn’t interested in attending. After attending the Savage Training Group FTO course I felt more informed, more educated and better equipped because this course was informative and utilized interactive teaching styles. This course was unlike any course I have attended or even heard of. My favorite part of the course was the legal and liability aspects as it related to supervising. To anybody who is on the fence about attending I would tell them go!”

— Deputy Geoff Hoffman, San Mateo County Sheriff's Office (CA)

Field Training Officer Basic

"Having to evaluate and write Daily Observation Report for the student led scenarios was both entertaining and realistic. I feel much more prepared to write an objective and thorough DOR. I feel bad for the other FTOs at our department who have attended a non-Savage Training Group FTO course. This was hands down the best course I have ever attended."

— Officer B.W., Santa Clara County Law Enforcement Agency (CA)

Field Training Officer Basic

"This course should be the future of Field Training Officer courses.”

— Officer JC, Santa Clara County Law Enforcement Agency (CA)