Command of Multijurisdictional Incidents

Command of Multijurisdictional Incidents

February 13, 2024

Hamilton Township Police Department

7780 South State Route 48

Maineville, OH 45039

8am - 5pm

Hosted by the Hamilton Township Police Department


Mutual aid assistance from outside agencies can be a blessing or a curse depending on your ability to coordinate those resources.

Seventy-three percent of law enforcement agencies have fewer than fifty officers. That means that when a large-scale incident occurs in your jurisdiction, there’s a good chance that you’ll be working with mutual aid units from neighboring jurisdictions. Are you ready to manage the chaos?

  • Learn the important lessons from a recent California incident where instructor Dan Flippo was part of the incident command team
  • Learn how to fix the top problems at multijurisdictional incidents including the real issues faced by small and medium sized agencies
  • Learn how to identify priorities and roles and specific incident leadership techniques

Who Should Attend?

This course was specifically created for command staff, supervisors, and any officer wishing to develop the skills to lead a multijurisdictional incident.

Have you experienced these issues before?

  • Lack of Leadership
  • Self-deployment
  • Communication
  • Chaos at the Command Post

If so, then register for this unique course, where you will learn how to manage those issues before, during and after a large multijurisdictional incident.

Dan Flippo

Your instructor, Dan Flippo, recently retired as the Deputy Chief of the Santa Cruz Police Department (CA). Dan has 29 years of experience in operational roles including SWAT and Patrol. Dan is also currently an instructor with the National Tactical Officers Association. He understands your perspective no matter how big or small your agency is. He is an enthusiastic instructor who is committed to making sure you know to manage any multijurisdictional incident.

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