Internal Affairs: From Incident to Ajudication

Internal Affairs: From Incident to Adjudication

October 24, 2022

Livermore City Council Chambers - Mendenhall Meeting Rooms

1016 S Livermore Avenue

Livermore, CA 94550

8am - 4pm

Hosted by the Livermore Police Department

Sworn Law Enforcement Personnel Only


Get a behind the scenes look at the specific ways one of our nation’s premiere police agencies processes internal affairs issues. Participate in debriefs of real incidents and learn from a highly experienced investigator.

Sgt. Marlon Marrache spent 12 years with a full-time assignment either conducting internal affairs investigations or defending officers accused of wrongdoing. Sgt. Marrache’s investigative experience spans countless cases involving officer-involved shootings, citizen’s complaints, off-duty conduct issues, and more. He will share with you the simple process you can use to apply these lessons learned to your agency.

Each student will receive a copy of Marlon’s cheat sheet which contains the time-tested process he uses to guide any internal affairs investigation.

Target Audience: Law enforcement personnel who play any part in the internal affairs process to include investigators, union members, and command staff.

The Savage Training Group is proud to bring in outstanding guest instructors like Marlon. Come Join us for his only planned West Coast date.

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A lot can go wrong in an internal affairs investigation especially when the investigator does not have a vast amount of experience. Come join us for this special one-day seminar and learn a fool-proof process you can learn to conduct a thorough, fair, and defendable investigation. You owe it to the officers you work with and the public you serve.

  • Debriefing of actual incidents and the investigation
  • The LAPD process of conducting IA investigations
  • How favoritism or personal bias can affect investigations
  • A simple to understand cheat sheet to guide your investigations
  • Q&A with an experienced investigator
Marlon MarracheIn July of 2022, Sergeant Marlon Marrache retired with 24 years of service to the Los Angeles Police Department. Marlon’s career included over 12 years of police misconduct investigation, adjudication, and examination. He held positions in both Internal Affairs as an Associate Advocate conducting Board of Rights Hearings, and in the Officer Representation Section defending police officers. He is an expert in Use of Force Investigations, Peace Officer Bill of Rights Act violations and in Biased Policing Complaint investigations.

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