Intro to Science-Based Interviewing

Intro to Science-Based Interviewing

September 13, 2024

Santa Ana Police Department

60 Civic Center Plaza

Santa Ana, CA 92701

8am - 5pm

Hosted by the Santa Ana Police Department

CA POST Certified:



Join us for this special condensed one-day presentation of this highly-rated interview and interrogation course.

Learn the new science-based interviewing techniques

This is a modern Interview and Interrogation course specifically designed for busy patrol officers and detectives like you. You’ll learn the new science-based interviewing techniques that you can use to get to the truth. You’ll leave this course with the confidence to interview any suspect, victim, witness or informant.

Why You Should Attend This Course

  • Learn how to get a suspect to talk to you
  • Learn the new "science-based interviewing" techniques
  • Become confident at interviewing suspects, victims, witnesses and informants.
  • Fun and interactive – No “Death by Power Point!”

Whether you are a patrol officer from a small agency or a seasoned detective from a large agency, this course is going to skyrocket your confidence! Instead of “Death by Power Point” or listening to a dry lecture, you’ll get to learn and practice modern techniques. Our expert instructors will be there to guide you so you will leave confident you’re doing it right.

This course took years to develop because we wanted to create a modern course that was specifically designed for what today’s patrol officers and detectives really need.

This course includes skill development in the following domains:

  • Suspect, Victim, Witness and Informant Interviews
  • Science-Based Interviewing
  • Patrol vs. Investigations Settings
  • Beheler / Miranda
  • Apology Letters
  • Deception Detection: Myth vs. Reality
  • Conversation Management
  • Rapport Building
Joe Preciado

Your instructor, Joe Preciado of Ventura County Sheriff's Office, is a current practitioner in the Interview and Interrogation disciplines, as well as a highly experienced instructor.

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