Advanced Crisis Negotiations

Modern Crisis Negotiations

September 6 - 7, 2022

Woodland Police Department Training Room

1000 Lincoln Ave.

Woodland, CA 95695

8am - 5pm

Hosted by the Woodland Police Department

POST Control Number:#1345-20771-22-001

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Underused and underappreciated, being a police crisis negotiator can often be a thankless position. And when those negotiators seek out good training courses to attend, they are forced to settle for antiquated debriefs or the feeling that the training really didn't apply to them. We believe crisis negotiators deserve better!

That’s why we've created this Modern Crisis Negotiations course, an advanced training course for negotiators like you.

Our instructors are both current Team Leaders on a busy urban team, so they know exactly what works and what doesn’t. They’ll share with you what techniques and equipment they used last week, not 20 years ago!

You’ll see recent body-cam video of actual incidents and work through table-top scenarios all while our expert instructors guide you.

Students Will Learn

  • How crisis negotiators can become an indispensable asset to your agency
  • How new use force and eavesdropping laws affect negotiators
  • How the public duty and special relationships doctrine affect tactical decision-making
  • Disengagement and re-engagement plans for barricade incidents
  • Modern negotiating techniques including video chat negotiations
  • …and much more.
Donald Anderson and James TacchiniYour instructors, Donald Anderson and James Tacchini, are both Team Leaders on the San Francisco Police Department’s 40-person Crisis Negotiation Team.

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  • September 6 - 7, 2022
  • Woodland Police Department Training Room
  • 1000 Lincoln Ave.
  • Woodland, CA 95695
  • Hosted by the Woodland Police Department
  • 8am - 5pm
  • #1345-20771-22-001
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