Modern Interview and Interrogation

Modern Interview and Interrogation

February 6 - 8, 2023

Ventura County Sheriff's Office Training Center

106 Durley Avenue

Camarillo, CA 93010​

8am - 5pm

Hosted by the Ventura County Sheriff's Office

POST Control Number:#1345-31445-22-002

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If you are like a lot of law enforcement officers, you’ve had to wait to be sent to an Interview and Interrogation course, only to find out the training is outdated, overly complicated or designed for big city detectives working homicide cases. You’ve probably been frustrated and thought there ought to be a better way. Well, now there is.

This is a modern Interview and Interrogation course specifically designed for busy patrol officers and detectives like you. There is no multi-step procedure to memorize. Instead, you are going to learn the few key concepts that’ll make you successful.

Whether you are a patrol officer from a small agency or a seasoned detective from a large agency, this course is going to skyrocket your confidence! Instead of “Death by Power Point” or listening to a dry lecture, you’ll get to practice modern techniques on live role-players to evaluate how they really work. Our expert instructors will be there to guide you so you will leave confident you’re doing it right.

This course took years to develop because we wanted to create a modern course that was specifically designed for what today’s patrol officers and detectives really need.

Why You Should Attend This Course

  • Learn how to get a suspect to talk to you
  • Learn how to avoid embarrassment in a court trial
  • Learn the legal pitfalls of the “old school way of interviewing”
  • Learn how some common police interrogation techniques have been proven to be coercive and produce false confessions
  • Become confident at interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects
  • Fun and interactive – No “Death by Power Point!”
Max Garces and Frank LoweMax Garces and Frank Lowe are veteran law enforcement professionals in California. They are subject matter experts in conducting interviews and will show you some fool-proof techniques you can use whether you work for a large agency or a small one. Read more about our Modern Interview and Interrogation course here.

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