Use of Force for Field Supervisors

Use of Force for Field Supervisors

February 5 - 6, 2024

Mountain View Police Department

1000 Villa St.

Mountain View, CA 94041

8am - 5pm

Hosted by the Mountain View Police Department

CA POST Certified:#1345-33887-23-004


Due to popular demand, this course has been expanded from a 1-day (8 hour) to a 2-day (16 hour) presentation.

The way law enforcement officers use force is under scrutiny like never before. But for years, we’ve heard complaints from law enforcement supervisors that they weren’t receiving the up-to-date and practical training they need to mitigate risk for their officers and their agency. That’s why we created the Use of Force for Field Supervisors course.

This course contains everything you need to manage the types of use of force incidents you respond to most often. Instead of vague concepts or an outdated instructor, you’ll get the specific tools you need and learn from a current practitioner in the field.

This course provides current and aspiring supervisors with the specific skills they can use to reduce liability and the risk of injury by managing the most common use of force incidents both before, during and after an incident, including:

  • The best ways supervisors can “set the tone” ahead of time during briefing trainings
  • How to manage the scene of a use of force incident
  • How to manage use of force incidents on your shift and conduct in-field use of force investigations
  • Use of force laws that every supervisor needs to know

This course is focused on arming current and aspiring supervisors with practical tools they can begin using immediately. Through the use of case analysis and scenarios, students will leave this course confident in conducting use of force reviews.

Jason Louis

Your instructor, Jason Louis, is a current Sergeant with the Ventura County Sheriff's Office, where he conducts use of force reviews. Jason's resume includes being certified as both a Force Science Analyst and an Enhanced Force Investigations Strategies Specialist as well as being an expert in use of force laws. But most important to you is the fact that Jason is an active Sergeant so he understands why you need practical information that you can begin using immediately.

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