Critical Incident Decision Making

A Free Webinar from Savage Training Group

Friday, April 3 • 10:00 am PT

Hosted by Savage Training Group founder Scott Savage

In this webinar, Savage Training Group Founder and current law enforcement officer Scott Savage will discuss 3 simple decision-making concepts, officers and supervisors can use to resolve critical incidents. These concepts are lifted directly from our training courses and are usually only available to the students enrolled in our courses. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve been forced to postpone our courses, so we’re using webinars like this one to deliver quality content to law enforcement professionals like you. Best of all, this is totally free!

Attendance is restricted to law enforcement officers only. Please use your government email address to register so we can more easily verify your employment. Once verified, we’ll email you the log-in details.

This webinar is limited to the first 100 people who register, so please register today.

Your Host:

Scott Savage

Scott is the founder and lead instructor of Savage Training Group. He is a working police officer with 20+ years of experience. Learn more about Scott here.

This webinar will include some simple to understand concepts that officers and supervisors can use to help guide their decision making during a critical incident.

Rush in or stay back? De-escalate or use overwhelming force? Is time really on our side?

The decisions you make during a critical incident can have far reaching consequences.