Interview and Interrogation:
You Have Been Lied To

A One-Time Webinar from Savage Training Group

Live Webinar: Interview & Interrogation: You Have Been Lied To

Monday, June 22 • 10:00 am – 1:00 pm PST

Featuring the Savage Training Group Interview and Interrogation Instructors

$69 until June 9 at Midnight PST

$99 June 10 and after

Hosted by the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and
Sponsored by the Police Credit Union

Would you be surprised to know that most of the techniques you have been taught about how to spot a liar have been debunked by science? It’s sad but true. For too long cops have been taught techniques that may sound legitimate and “sciencey”, but are actually based on nothing more than pseudo-science. In this webinar, the Savage Training Group Interview and Interrogation Instructors will expose the myths of conventional deception-detection training. They’ll then teach you the modern, evidence-based techniques for how to handle a lying suspect, victim or witness.

Forget the outdated training courses and trickery that cause false confessions. Our instructors will show you a few of the same modern concepts that we teach in our Interview and Interrogation course. These concepts are not only in harmony with the latest research, they work. Normally this training is only available to the students enrolled in our courses.

Space is limited and attendance is restricted to sworn law enforcement officers. Please use a government email address to register so we can more easily verify your employment.

Want to attend but your work schedule won’t allow? Don’t worry, registered attendees will receive access to the recording of this webinar for 48 hours after the live broadcast.

Your Hosts:

Dom Gamboa, Max Garces and Josh Helton

Dom, Max and Josh are working law enforcement professionals in California. They are subject matter experts in conducting interviews and will show you some fool-proof techniques you can use whether you work for a large agency or a small one. Read more about our instructors here

The COVID-19 situation has been challenging, but it has also presented unique opportunities like this one. Don’t miss out on this one-time event to access our interview and interrogation training from the comfort of your own home.

Is a suspect looks up and right or itches his face does that mean he is lying? Find out during this webinar.