Police Hostage/Crisis Negotiations Training Seminar

A Special Presentation featuring Scott Tillema

Cops deserve modern and effective training, especially when it comes to critical thinking and decision making.

As a law enforcement officer in 2023, the decisions you make can have life-altering consequences. But, how much training have you received in how to make those decisions?

Whether it’s making a split-second use-of-force decision or the way you choose to lead, effective decisions start with the ability to think critically.

We believe hardworking cops like you deserve evidence-based training that works and nothing is more important than learning how to make effective decisions.

That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome guest instructor Tom Datro as he presents Decision Making and Critical Thinking. Tom is the Officer in Charge of training at the Los Angeles Police Department and the host of the Policing in America Podcast.

In this 8-hour presentation you will learn:

  • How experts make effective decisions
  • What neuroscience can teach cops about critical thinking
  • The simple tools you can use to control your emotions during times of stress and uncertainty
  • The specific ways “that’s the way we have always done it” is setting up cops for failure

At Savage Training Group, we’re only interested in providing training that is modern, well-researched and will actually help cops like you succeed. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer this unique seminar taught by an esteemed guest instructor.

Scott Tillema

Lieutenant Scott Tillema has spent seven years as a negotiator with the NIPAS Emergency Services Team, one of the largest multi-jurisdictional municipal SWAT teams in the United States. He has been teaching negotiation for the past ten years, and is currently a Negotiations Expert and Lieutenant with the Schaumburg (IL) Police Department, where he has been a police officer since 2002. Educationally, Scott holds a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science and a master’s degree in psychology.

You’ll learn about how disparate topics like sleep, emotional intelligence, leadership, tactics, and science all intersect and how you can engineer yourself to be both an exemplary officer and human being.

Quick Facts

Target Audience:

Sworn law enforcement officers, supervisors and managers

Seminar Length:

8 hours

Course Certifications:




Can your agency host this seminar?

This seminar is not available for hosting at this time.

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