Scott Savage

Scott Savage

Scott is the founder and lead instructor of Savage Training Group. He is a working police officer with 20+ years of experience.

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Sgt. Paul Grattan Jr.

Paul Grattan, Jr.

Paul is a sergeant with the New York City Police Department and a Policing Fellow with the National Police Foundation. He is a full-time digital communications officer with the NYPD where he crafts messages for command staff and manages social media messaging.

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Deputy Chief Dan Flippo

Dan Flippo

Dan is a working law enforcement officer with decades of experience in SWAT and Patrol and is also an instructor with the National Tactical Officers Association.

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Dominic Gamboa

Dominic Gamboa

Dominic Gamboa is a 28-year veteran of both the San Francisco and Santa Clara Police Departments. Sure he has the street experience to tell you what works and what doesn’t, but he’s also an expert-level instructor. Instead of “Death by Power Point”, Dom is known for captivating students and keeping them engaged.

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Joshua Helton

Joshua Helton

Officer Joshua Helton is a 14-year law enforcement veteran with the Davis, CA Police Department. As a Detective, he specialized in sensitive investigations including domestic violence and strangulation cases.

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Steve "Pappy" Papenfuhs

Steve “Pappy” Papenfuhs

Steve “Pappy” Papenfuhs is a retired Sergeant with the San Jose Police Department. Pappy has 29 years experience including assignments as an FTO Sergeant, Training Sergeant Detective Sergeant and SWAT team member.

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Lloyd MacKinnon

Lloyd MacKinnon

Lloyd is one of those rare instructors that pours his heart and soul out when he is in the classroom. His passion and love for the “job” and members of law enforcement comes through every time he teaches and he always gives 110% to his students.

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