Savage Training Group offers in-person premier advanced law enforcement training across the United States. You can find scheduled dates for presentations of these courses and more on our In-Person Schedule. Click on the “More” button for each course below to learn about the material covered in that course.

Your department may also host any of the courses below, visit our Host a Training Course page for more information on how.

Response to the Non-Criminal Barricade: Disengagement & Special Relationships®

Response to the Non-Criminal Barricade

Learn the tactics, laws and policies for responding to subjects who are armed, suicidal and barricaded.

Response Tactics for Critical Incidents and In-Progress Crimes®

Response Tactics for Critical Incidents and In-Progress Crimes

A basic critical incident response training course for officers and supervisors.

Advanced Critical Incident Response

Advanced Critical Incident Response

An advanced critical incident response course for officers and supervisors.

Practical De-Escalation and Tactical Conduct©

Practical De-Escalation and Tactical Conduct

Learn to avoid unnecessary violent confrontations through a superior command of the modern laws and effective tactics.

Modern Crisis Negotiations©

Modern Crisis Negotiations

An advanced training course for hostage and crisis negotiators.

Use of Force for Field Supervisors

Use of Force for Field Supervisors

A training course for supervisors who need to manage and investigate use of force incidents.

Crisis Communications and Social Media for Public Safety

Crisis Communication for Social Media and Public Safety

Learn the best way to use social media in a crisis.

Field Training Officer

Field Training Officer

Get certified to teach, evaluate and document the progress of a law enforcement trainee.

Field Training Officer Update

Field Training Officer Update

Learn how to remediate a struggling trainee and modern teaching concepts.

Field Training Program Supervisor

Field Training Program Supervisor

Learn how to supervise and manage a high-quality field training program.

Modern Interview & Interrogation©

Modern Interview and Interrogation

Learn a science-based interviewing technique to use on any victim, suspect, witness or informant.

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