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You choose the dates, we come to you and handle all of the details

Everyone agrees that your officers need training. But low staffing and training budgets can make the process of sending officers away to attend training classes next to impossible. Even if you do manage to send a few officers to training, you still haven’t solved the problem of making sure every officer is trained. Training is just one of a million other things you have to worry about which is the reason we created a simple way for you to get everybody trained.

Savage Training Group provides private training. Our instructors travel to your agency to deliver training on the dates that work for you. We help get everybody on the same page and the best part is, we take care of all the details so you don’t have to.

Choose from our most popular private training courses or have us design the perfect custom course for you. Either way, you’ll be taking a concrete step in avoiding a “failure to train” issue, and in getting all of your folks on the same page.

Ready to get your people trained?

We’ll handle everything for you. It’s literally as easy as 1-2-3:
Private Training | Step 1

Step 1

Choose a course from the options below and answer a few simple questions.

Private Training | Step 2

Step 2

We’ll send you a quote. After you approve it, you select the dates that work for you.

Private Training | Step 3

Step 3

Our instructors deliver training designed to get all of your people on the same page.

Private Training Offerings:

De-Escalation: Tactics and the Law (8 hours)

Now more than ever you must be able to say that your officers received de-escalation training. But don’t just check the box, give them training that will actually help them minimize violent confrontations and where possible, allow them to seek peaceful resolutions. This isn’t one of those “here’s how to talk nice to people” courses or one of those “here’s a multi-step process to de-escalate people” courses. Instead, this 8-hour course equips officers and supervisors with a command of the use of force laws they need to know and specific tactics they can use in the street. Based on our popular Practical De-Escalation and Tactical Conduct© course, this course explores the realities of de-escalation, and how to make it work in the real-world circumstances your officers face.

Response to the Non-Criminal Barricade: Disengagement and Special Relationships (8 hours)

This is one that you’ll want everybody to attend so we can stop the confusion about this tactical dilemma. Your people will finally be able to understand liability laws as know when (and when not) to walk away from a barricaded suspect. We’ll make sure everybody knows how to avoid liability and avoid unnecessary violent confrontations between the police and the mentally ill. This private course is the very same material we present all over the country in our Response to the Non-Criminal Barricade®. By making this a private course for your personnel, you’ll be one of the few agencies with everybody on the same page. Each student will learn the subtle nuances of the liability laws in your state (no generic info here!), how the “public duty” and “special relationships” doctrine affect decision-making, and the specific tactics modern agencies are using to deal with mentally ill subjects who are armed and barricaded. Plus, we’ll give you access to our carefully curated collections of non-criminal barricade policies from agencies all over the country.

Decision Making and Leadership for Critical Incidents (8 hours)

Based on our popular Critical Incident Response course, this highly interactive training will give your officers and supervisors a simple plan they can use to respond to “hot calls” and critical incidents safely, calmly, and methodically. Regardless of rank, we’ll give each of your people the specific knowledge and skills to bring calmness to chaos. Instead of boring incident command training, give your people real skills they can begin using immediately like the Officer in Charge concept. They’ll learn when to rush in and when to wait, how to immediately recognize and classify an incident and then decide what needs to happen first. Using recent body-worn camera footage, your people will have the opportunity to work through several scenarios of increasing complexity and decide on a course of action. This course is for agencies that want their personnel to be high-performing decision makers.

Custom Training

Have a different training course in mind? Perhaps you’d like us to combine the best parts of different courses into one special training day, or you need us to solve a particular training issue for you. Just tell us your learning objective (i.e., what you want your people to know or be able to do at the end of the training) and let our expert course designers do the rest. Whether it’s training your entire department or just a select unit within it, we ensure your people get the training they need and have a great time doing it. Whether it’s helping FTOs all get on the same page with their documentation or briefing your command staff on a particular issue, we’re ready to design the perfect custom presentation for you.

Ready to get started? Answer a few simple questions and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

“After attending a Savage Training Group training, my department commissioned them to provide a condensed version of the training at our supervisor staff meeting. I highly recommend them as facilitators and instructors for line staff, command staff, and city management.”
Nick McGowan

Police Lieutenant at City of Petaluma (CA)

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