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We train supervisors and managers how to run a high-quality field training program

If your agency is searching for a way to get all your FTOs on the same page, decrease the number of trainees you have to let go and make sure your training program is top-notch, this is the right course you.

Field Training Supervisors and Managers have to wear a lot of hats. They are trainers, risk-managers, schedulers, report auditors, and mentors all while balancing a ton of other duties. Most importantly, they are charged with making sure trainees are trained fairly and legally by FTOs who really know how to teach.

This course equips supervisors and managers with the skills to do all that. Best of all, it is taught by expert FTO Supervisors who know you need practical takeaways, not outdated concepts form the past. This course is POST Certified in California to meet the requirements of the Field Training Program SAC (Supervisor/Administrator/Coordinator) course.

Course Curriculum

  • Field Training Program Management
  • Selection and Supervision of FTOs
  • How to Make Your FTO’s Expert Teachers
  • How to Fix a Struggling Trainee
  • How to Protect Your Agency from Liability
  • Field Training Software such as LEFTA 
  • Training and Testing Scenarios
  • Crucial Topics such as New Use of Force Laws, Millennial Trainees, COVID’s Impact on Self-Initiated Activity and more

This course is POST-certified in California and Idaho.

Contact Us to discuss POST certification in your state.

The way police officers are trained is under scrutiny like never before. Think about the issues facing your field training program today. Now consider all the things that could go wrong! That can be a scary thought. What most agencies do is just cross their fingers and hope everything will be OK.

We think you deserve a better plan than just hope, which is why we created this course. Your FTO supervisors and managers will leave this course with a solid blueprint for how to run an effective program, limit liability, and get all your FTOs on the same page.

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Quick Facts

Target Audience:

Field Training Program Supervisors and Managers

Course Length:

16- or 24-hour variable format (2 days or 3 days)

Course Certifications:

This course is California and Idaho POST-certified. In California, it satisfies the Field Training Supervisor/Administrator/Coordinator (SAC) Training Requirement as specified in the California Code of Regulation, Title 11, Section 1004. Need certification for your state?

All of our courses are California POST certified because we are based in California. However, we present courses all over the United States and we’re happy to work with you to obtain certification in your particular state.



Can your agency host this course?


Looking to launch a new FTO program or overhaul your current one?

No need to re-invent the wheel. Consider this your train-the-trainer course. You will leave this course with a solid plan on how to begin or overhaul your Field Training Program. You will learn the simple concepts that will make your program successful directly from our highly experienced FTO Instructors.


Eddie Chan
Eddie Chan is a current Sergeant with the San Jose Police Department who spent the last 13 years as an FTO Supervisor. He is obsessed with helping agencies like yours develop highly-effective FTO programs. Instead of “death by power point” Eddie prefers to use current body-worn camera footage and his real world experience to help you develop practical tools you can use to supervise your own program.

Students Are Saying:

"I'm a new FTO Sergeant and this course gave me a good base of understanding of what I need to do. Excellent course and instructors.”

— Sgt. Jesse Gurkovic, San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office (CA)

"Before this course I was unsure of my role, but this course gave me a much better grasp of my responsibility. I would recommend this course and any other course by the Savage Training Group!"

— Ofc. D. Rose, Stockton Unified Department of Public Safety (CA)

"Before taking this course I was frustrated my young tenured FTOs not knowing how to teach their trainees or write high-quality DORs. This course solved that for me."

— Sgt. Sankara Dumpa, PPD (CA)

"Instructor Eddie Chan sets a great example as an FTO Supervisor and gives real life and relevant ideas. I feel more confident in my role now."

— Sgt. Kendall Gray, Salinas PD (CA)

"My favorite part of the course was the instructor’s knowledge and how they taught us to teach."

— Sgt. Rich Campbell, Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department (CA)

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