Practical De-Escalation
and Tactical Conduct©

Learn how to create the conditions for de-escalation through a superior command of modern tactics and the latest laws.

This is a 16-hour de-escalation course that helps officers and supervisors minimize violent confrontations by giving them a superior understanding of the law, tactics and human performance limitations.

De-escalation should be more than a training course, it should be a culture. But creating that culture starts with great training. Today’s officers need to know the specific tactics they can use to avoid a violent confrontation. They need a rock-solid understanding of new use of force laws and liability cases so they can make well informed decisions. They deserve a modern, highly-specialized training where the focus is on learning, not checking a box.

Let’s face it, being a law enforcement officer in this day and age is a high-liability occupation. With the right training you can mitigate your own liability. But, don’t forget that the rest of your team can impact how you do business. To make sure everybody is on the same page we recommend that your dispatchers, supervisors and training staff all attend this course as well.

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This is modern de-escalation training
for law enforcement officers

2 day course (16 hours)

Only $459/student

Specific Tactics for Patrol Officers

Specific Tactics for
Patrol Officers

  • Creating the Conditions for Successful De-Escalation
  • Pre-Contact Assessment
  • Coordination of Responding Officers
  • How to Save Lives Through Superior Tactics
  • A Crash Course in Negotiating
Use of Force and Liability Laws

Use of Force
& Liability Laws

  • The New Use of Force Laws
  • Public Duty Doctrine: No Legal Duty to Act
  • Why Officers are Being Fired and Criminal Charged
  • How to Avoid Liability Through Superior Knowledge of the Law

Decision-Making and
Human Factors

  • How Human Performance Limitations are Affecting You and the Suspect
  • Task Prioritization
  • How to Save Lives Through Superior Decision-Making

Upcoming Presentations:

Quick Facts

Target Audience:

Law enforcement officers and supervisors

Course Length:

16 hours (2 days)

Course Certifications:

California POST Certified. Need certification for your state?
All of our courses are California POST certified because we are based in California. However, we present courses all over the United States and we’re happy to work with you to obtain certification in your particular state.



Can your agency host this course?


California Law Enforcement Training Checklist

California agencies, make sure you choose a de-escalation training course that is more than just “check the box” training. When presenting in California, this course includes curriculum addressing many of the most impactful portions of AB392, SB 230 and GC7286.

Students Are Saying:

“I was looking to increase my skills but holy s*#t, did I get that and so much more!”

— Deputy J. Foy, Santa Clara County (CA) SO

“Take this course. Your career and livelihood deserve it.”

— Sgt. R. Cancio, Fresno (CA) PD Crisis Intervention Team

“The legal landscape is changing, and you need to be on solid footing. This course will help you get there.”

— Sgt. O.P., Chico (CA) PD

“This course will keep me safer, keep the community safer and reduce liability for the city. It’s a win for all!”

— Ofc. J. Gardener, Santa Clara (CA) PD

“To someone who is on the fence about attending this course I would tell them to go. It will potentially save your career and your life.”

— Ofc. Z. Dunagan, Salinas (CA) PD

“This course is awesome.”

— Ofc. B. McKinley, Salinas (CA) PD

Your instructors (l – r): David Bautista, Scott Savage and Dan Flippo.

David Bautista, Scott Savage and Dan Flippo

David Bautista

More about David

Scott Savage

More about Scott

Dan Flippo

More about Dan

David Bautista, Scott Savage, and Dan Flippo (l-r) are not only highly experienced law enforcement professionals, but also expert instructors. Their command over new laws, modern tactics, human factors, and the science of learning has led to the development of this one-of-a-kind training course. Scott recently retired from Santa Clara PD (CA), David is an active duty Lieutenant in San Diego PD, and Dan recently retired from Santa Cruz PD (CA). All three are laser-focused on helping police officers save lives and prevent liability through the use of superior tactics, knowledge of the law, and a deep understanding of decision making under stress.

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What make your de-escalation training so different than other courses?

Instead of vague concepts or unrealistic recommendations, we give you specific and highly-practical information that you can begin implementing immediately. We also only use expert instructors. This isn’t one of those “check the box” or “Death by Power Point” classes.

Who should attend this course?
Law enforcement officers and supervisors assigned to patrol duties, dispatchers and police trainers.
Does this course comply with training mandates mentioned in California laws?

California law enforcement agencies are searching for training to satisfy requirements in AB 392, SB 230, Government Code 7286 and more. This course was specifically designed to provide officers training on many of most impactful components of each including how those new laws affect decision making in the field.

Is this training only for California law enforcement officers?
No. California is a highly litigious state where new laws and police practices are often formed. When we present in California, we of course focus on their issues. However, we go to great lengths to customize courses for whichever state we are presenting in. Contact us today so we can discuss customizing this course for your particular state’s laws.
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