Crisis Communication and Social Media
for Public Safety

A Premier Crisis Communications and Social Media Course
by a Veteran Crisis Communicator and Social Media Messenger

Your agency is one incident or traffic stop away from being in a full-blown public relations crisis. How you decide to communicate with the media and the public is critical and you’re only going to get one chance to do it right.

Today’s communication moves fast.
The news story can either be about you or it can be told by you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at how some of our nation’s premier police agencies handle a crisis. This one-day course is full of practical tools.

You’ll hear how the nation’s largest police agency deploys Public Information Officers and uses social media to communicate in a crisis. You’ll see real-world examples of communication failures and successes and take away sound strategies for preparing for and responding to media inquiries and press conferences.

During this course we’ll discuss exactly how to use speed and specific social media strategies to control the message in today’s #HappeningNow world. There are no broad concepts and theories in this course. Instead, you’re going to walk away with practical tools you can immediately plug into your department’s strategies.

Whether you are looking for crisis communication training for law enforcement, fire services, emergency medical services, public safety dispatchers or any other public safety agency, this is the perfect course for you. We’ll deliver the course in-person or in a virtual format. If you would like to host this course for your team, contact us today. Your team will receive the same great training as you would in our in-person courses plus we’ll provide you with a recording of the webinar so you use it to provide training to your staff for years to come.

This course is POST-certified in California and Idaho.

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Instructor Paul Grattan Jr.

Paul is a sergeant with the New York City Police Department and a Policing Fellow with the National Police Foundation. He is a full-time digital communications officer with the NYPD where he crafts messages for command staff and manages social media messaging.

Paul Grattan
Paul Grattan, Jr.

The "Message Bases"

In baseball, you’re safe when you’re on base – and the same is true in communications. Whether talking to the press or engaging via social media, if you want to be safe you should always have a base you can move toward, or a base you can retreat to. PIOs and Command Staff who understand this can walk into a press conference with confidence.

Influence Through Communication

You know you need to control the message to avoid an even bigger communications crisis, but you may not realize just how powerful and well-positioned you are in today’s media environment. Come learn how effective your agency’s position as a verifiable source is in impacting the narrative.

Digital Download

This isn’t a vague training course about social media platforms. You’re going to walk away with the universal denominators that agencies across the nation are employing for effective media communications.

Faster than Now

Today’s communications move FAST. This is a crisis communications crash course that you can use to train your staff and to invest in planning and preparation.

Students Are Saying:

"If you are responsible for social media messaging, this course will help you.”

— Sgt. Darren Wright, P.I.O. for WA State Patrol

“I’m new to my position so I really enjoyed bouncing ideas off the instructor. I would 100% recommend this course!”

— Amanda Rice, Communications Consultant, WA State Patrol

“This course is a must-attend.”

— Sgt. Juan Valencia, P.I.O., Sonoma County (CA) SO

“My favorite part of the course was the “message bases”, and the videos that showed good and bad examples of communication.”

— Dispatcher Natalie Alves, Rohnert Park Dept. of Public Safety (CA)

"My favorite part of the course was the instructor Paul Grattan. Great instructor!"

— Sgt. Terry Viel, Hamilton Township PD (OH)

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Quick Facts

Target Audience:

Public Information Officers from Public Safety Agencies (police, fire, OES, etc.)

Course Length:

8 hours

Course Certifications:

California and Idaho POST Certified. Need certification for your state?

All of our courses are California POST certified because we are based in California. However, we present courses all over the United States and we’re happy to work with you to obtain certification in your particular state.



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We’ll show you real-world examples of communication failures and successes. You’ll take away sound strategies for preparing for and responding to media inquiries and press conferences.

In today’s #HappeningNow world, your agency can literally control the message but you need to know how. We’ll be your guide.