Internal Affairs Investigations

Learn how to conduct Internal Affairs and Officer-Involved Incident investigations from highly experienced active-duty supervisors.

Instead of “Death by Power Point” you’ll discuss real cases and current issues with highly experienced IA investigators. You’ll learn the specific way to conduct investigations, the pitfalls to avoid, and how new laws affect your investigations.

Internal Affairs Investigations

(24 Hours)

California POST Certified: #1345-32100 – Plan N/A

Law enforcement officers are under scrutiny like never before. That’s why when an officer is suspected of wrongdoing, the investigation must be conducted by competent and well trained supervisors. That’s where you come in!

Whether you are a full time IA investigator or a supervisor who may just occasionally investigate them, this training is for you. This course includes the concepts you’ll need to conduct a thorough, fair, and comprehensive IA investigation.

Attend this course and learn:

  • Step-by-step instruction in conducting both criminal and administrative investigations from incident to adjudication
  • How new laws and changing public expectations affect internal affairs investigation
  • How to identify alleged misconduct
  • How to minimize liability for your officers and your agency

Whether you are a supervisor who may one day have to conduct an IA investigation or you’re a full time IA investigator, you will learn a modern approach to investigations.

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Quick Facts

Target Audience:

Sworn law enforcement officers and agency-affiliated investigators

Course Length:

24 hours (3 days)

Course Certifications:

California POST Certified. Need certification for your state?
All of our courses are California POST certified because we are based in California. However, we present courses all over the United States and we’re happy to work with you to obtain certification in your particular state.




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Students Are Saying:

“My favorite part was being challenged by the instructor as well as their sense of humor. 100% recommend this for all our supervisors.”

— Sgt. Erin Montgomery, Elk Grove PD (CA)

“Before the class I didn’t feel prepared to handle an IA but now I do. Very worthwhile training.”

— Sgt. Ryan DeJohn, Santa Barbara PD (CA)

“This course is RELEVANT. I appreciated the instructor’s style. Most POST classes are taught by an irrelevant 100-year old retiree who speaks as if he is the ultimate authority. These instructors gave options, posed questions, and said it if they didn’t know the answer.”

— Sgt. Steve Boyett, Paso Robles PD (CA)

“Excellent course and instructors. My favorite part was their energy and the info they provided.”

— Det. Vanfleet, Simi Valley PD (CA)

“I enjoyed learning about all the laws and updates. This class is 1000% worth it.”

— Investigator Patrick Weithers, City of Long Beach (CA)

“First-hand, real life experiences from the instructors made the learning environment easy to understand.”

— Sgt. RC, Santa Barbara PD (CA)

Your instructors, James Tacchini (left) and Marlon Marrache (right).

James Tacchini and Marlon Marrache
James Tacchini

James Tacchini

James Tacchini is a Sergeant with the San Francisco Police Department where he serves as a full-time Officer-Involved Shooting Investigator.

More about James

Marlon Marrache

Marlon Marrache

Marlon is a 24-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department who recently retired at the rank of Sergeant. He is also the host of the Internal Affairs podcast.

More about Marlon

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