James Tacchini

James is a lead instructor for our Modern Crisis Negotiations and our Internal Affairs/Officer Involved Shooting Investigations course. James has been with the San Francisco Police Department since 2007 and has held the rank of Sergeant since 2017. With James as your instructor, you’ll get a guide who is not only highly experienced but is current.

James is a Team Leader on the Department’s 40-person Crisis / Hostage Negotiation Team. James’ goal is to share his combined knowledge of current laws/case laws, tactics, and negotiation methods to provide negotiators like you the confidence and skills to be successful, not only in crisis situations but in everyday encounters on the street.

In addition to his Negotiator and Instructor duties, James is currently assigned to the Officer Involved Shooting Team, administratively investigating officer involved shootings, in-custody deaths, and major use of force incidents. So, if you’re attending our Internal Affairs/Officer Involved Shooting Investigations course you’ll get to learn how modern laws and practices affect OIS investigations.

James is also a lead for his department’s Crisis Intervention and Legal Update training. Your agency, like most every other agency in America, is probably trying to find the best way to deal with people in crisis. You want to reduce violent confrontations but that can be a difficult task given the fact the suspects you encounter are often mentally ill or under the influence. James and his colleagues at the San Francisco Police Department faced the same challenge, but thanks to some incredible training and a modern way of approaching calls, they were recognized by the Force Science Training Institute for peacefully resolve 99.9% of crisis-related incidents.[1]

With James Tacchini’s training courses, there’s no dry lectures of “Death by Power Point”. James makes sure to engage the students with material that is current and relevant to hard working law enforcement officers like yourself. You’ll hear what tactics and strategies James used last week, not 20 years ago.

[1] San Francisco Police Peacefully Resolve 99.9% of Crisis-Related Calls!, Force Science Institute, https://www.forcescience.org/2021/07/san-francisco-police-peacefully-resolve-99-9-of-crisis-related-calls/
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