Modern Crisis Negotiations

An advanced training course taught by current and highly experienced negotiators

Underused and underappreciated, being a police crisis negotiator can often be a thankless position. And when those negotiators seek out good training courses to attend, they are forced to settle for antiquated debriefs or the feeling that the training really didn’t apply to them. We believe crisis negotiators deserve better!

Our instructors are both current Team Leaders on a busy urban team, so they know exactly what works and what doesn’t. They’ll share with you what techniques and equipment they used last week, not 20 years ago!

Students Will Learn

  • How crisis negotiators can become an indispensable asset to your agency
  • How new use force and eavesdropping laws affect negotiators
  • How the public duty and special relationships doctrine affect tactical decision-making
  • Disengagement and re-engagement plans for barricade incidents
  • Modern negotiating techniques including video chat negotiations
  • National standard recommendations for negotiators
  • …and much more.

You’ll see recent body-cam video of actual incidents and work through table-top scenarios all while our expert instructors guide you.

What this course is NOT:

  • “Death by Power Point”
  • A repeat of a basic negotiations course
  • Dated debriefs and war stories

What are students are saying about our Modern Crisis Negotiations Course:

“This course was not death by power point. It provided relevant tools we can use such as training ideas and laws. Excellent instructors and excellent course.”

— Sgt. Nicol Dudley, Napa County SO (CA)

“The instructors have empowered me with lessons and confidence that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.”

— Officer Ellen Dukanauskas– Fort Lauderdale PD (FL)

“Take this course! You won’t regret it. The instructors were knowledgeable and engaging and there was no death by Power Point.”

— Deputy Will Davis, Yuba County SO (CA)

“Learning from active police officers who are negotiators was phenomenal. I learned a ton and now I’m more confident to do my job.”

— Deputy Jakub Mejstrik – Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office (OH)

“Excellent course and instructors. Every hour of training was well worth the cost. The instructors challenge students to think critically about their jobs and responsibilities.”

— Ofc. P. Boehm – Fort Lauderdale PD (FL)

“Before taking this course I had a lack of experience and confidence. But now I have new insights and tools I can use. I’m now eager to negotiate and de-escalate a crisis. To anyone who is on the fence about registering I would tell them to attend because it’s worth it!”

— Deputy ZB, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office (CA)

“This isn’t your normal boring Power Point class. This class breaks that pattern. The instructors are very informative and taught me to be confident in my skills and current laws.”

— Detective Lauren Dukanauskas– Fort Lauderdale PD (FL)

Upcoming Presentations:

Quick Facts

Target Audience:

Hostage and crisis negotiators, as well as SWAT, patrol and other folks who are interested in learning negotiating skills.

Course Length:

16 hours (2 days)

Course Certifications:

California POST Certified. Need certification for your state?
All of our courses are California POST certified because we are based in California. However, we present courses all over the United States and we’re happy to work with you to obtain certification in your particular state.




Can your agency host this course?


Hostage and crisis negotiators deserve a modern crisis negotiation course.

When a crisis is beyond the capabilities of regular patrol officers, crisis negotiators like you get the call. Are you prepared? We know you have limited training time and a million other things to do. We get it! Come spend two days with us learning what works and what doesn’t and leave the course with a whole new set of tools for your negotiation toolbox.


Your instructors, Donald Anderson (left) and James Tacchini (right), are both Team Leaders on a busy negotiation team.

Donald Anderson and James Tacchini

Donald Anderson

Lieutenant Donald Anderson is the Executive Officer and a Team Leader on the San Francisco Police Department’s 40-person Crisis Negotiation Team.

More about Donald

James Tacchini

Sergeant Tacchini is a Team Leader on the San Francisco Police Department’s 40-person Crisis Negotiation Team.

More about James

Watch James Tacchini discussing Crisis Negotiations on the on the Shots Fired Podcast.

YouTube video
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