Donald Anderson

As a law enforcement professional, you deserve to attend training courses taught by experts in the field. What worked 20 years ago may no longer be relevant, and you deserve an instructor who understands the modern challenges that cops face. This makes Donald Anderson an ideal instructor.

If you know anything about San Francisco, you know it is a tough place to be a police officer. Not only is it a busy urban jurisdiction with some very rough areas, but it is also a highly political environment where the actions of officers are highly scrutinized. Why should you care?

Because Donald knows the kind of scrutiny that today’s cops are under, and he can help you navigate those complexities. Donald is a cop’s cop who can guide you how to operate without unnecessarily exposing yourself to risk and liability.

Donald Anderson is an active-duty lieutenant with the San Francisco Police Department currently assigned as a watch commander in the Patrol Division. He has been honing his experience ever since starting with the department in 2005. After serving as a patrol officer and an FTO, he was promoted to Sergeant in 2013. As a sergeant, he’s worked as both a patrol supervisor, investigator, and full-time assignment to the Crisis Intervention Team.

Donald is an instructor for our Response to the Non-Criminal Barricade: Disengagement and Special Relationships® and Modern Crisis Negotiations courses. These courses are all about innovative approaches to responding to the mentally ill in crisis and other high-risk incidents and Donald is an expert in the field. Donald has years of experience responding to crisis incidents and uses his experiences to help students like you do develop your expertise. He has served as a Team Leader and the Executive Officer of San Francisco PD’s 40-officer Hostage/Crisis Negotiation Team. He is also a coordinator and instructor for his agency’s Crisis Intervention/De-escalation training program. Donald and his team were featured in a Force Science Institute article about peacefully resolving crisis-related incidents. Read the article here.

Donald has been recognized by organizations such as the California Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training as a subject matter expert in de-escalation training.

Even with all this experience, Donald is a humble professional who sees his role as a guide. Before teaching a class, Donald spends countless hours researching the laws of whichever state he will be teaching in because he believes students deserve an instructor who is versed in their specific laws.

To attend one of Donald’s courses, please register for Response to the Non-Criminal Barricade: Disengagement and Special Relationships® or Modern Crisis Negotiations.

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