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There’s one thing that police officers and police critics can agree on: cops need proper training. Whether it’s the viral videos of officers making poor decisions or instances where officers are attacked, the right training beforehand can often save careers and save lives. That’s why I’ve made it my personal mission to deliver the best training possible to help officers advance their careers, become experts and save lives

I’m Scott Savage. I am a law enforcement officer who also founded a training organization called the Savage Training Group. Our Group consists of law enforcement professionals who are also skilled and passionate teachers and together we teach advanced training courses for officers.

I began my career in public safety at age 19, first as an E.M.T and next as a licensed paramedic working in a busy emergency medical system. In 1999, I became a police officer with the Palo Alto Police Department in California. I spent 18 years with Palo Alto PD where I was fortunate enough to work a lot of great assignments including Patrol, F.T.O., Special Problems Team (narcotics, vice, surveillance), assignment on a Regional SWAT team and a full-time assignment to the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (terrorism task force) where I was granted an FBI Top Secret security clearance and was promoted to Training Coordinator. For the last seven years with Palo Alto PD I was promoted to Sergeant, where I served as the Incident Commander for critical incidents and regularly supervised the police response to in-progress situations. I was also a Team Leader of the Crisis Negotiation Team where I was responsible for supervising negotiators and peacefully resolving incidents. After a great career with Palo Alto PD, I joined the Santa Clara Police Department (CA) as an Officer and I continue to serve there today.

Working all those different assignments gave me a breadth of experience to draw from as I train law enforcement officers today. I have long been obsessed with training. My first experience writing a course curriculum was in 2005, when I authored a California POST certified course entitled, Personal Protective Equipment in the Hazardous Materials Environment for Law Enforcement. I went on to instruct that course for hundreds of officers teaching them how to respond to a weapons of mass destruction incident. In 2007, I even won “The Bronze Level Training Award” by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security for my work in presenting terrorism response training. I really love teaching seasoned cops but getting to teach academy recruits was a very special time for me because of their contagious passion to learn. In 2007, I became a lead instructor with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Justice Training Center teaching topic such as de-escalation, patrol procedures and responding to unusual occurrences. The academy recruits twice picked me as their “Most Inspirational Instructor”. Winning those awards allowed to give a short speech at their graduation ceremonies. I seized the opportunity to remind the recruits that they will deal with some very dangerous people when they hit the streets and asked that they be careful.

Part of providing quality training is studying the mechanics of training delivery. In 2009, I completed the Master Exercise Planning Practitioner (MEPP) program at the FEMA training facility in Maryland. The MEPP program certifies students in all methods of training delivery from simple table top trainings to complex full-scale exercises. At the time, I was 1 of only 250 police officers in the U.S. to have completed the program and it was an honor to learn alongside professionals from all over the country.

I am one of those odd people who enjoys public speaking and it’s been my pleasure to speak at law enforcement conferences and private industry conferences alike. My clients have varied from a biotech advocacy company called the California Biomedical Research Association, a data aggregation company in Silicon Valley called Splunk and the California Association of Hostage Negotiators. Although each client had vastly different needs, I was able to leverage my training and experience as a law enforcement officer to bring them a truly unique presentation.

While speaking to students in a classroom or at a conference if great I also wanted to reach people on a larger scale which is what drove me to become published. I’ve had two articles published in the National Tactical Officer’s Association’s publication called The Tactical Edge. The Tactical Edge is widely considered the leading trade publication for law enforcement special operations and both articles were about the law enforcement response to critical incidents. I’ve also been the guest on podcasts including the Law Enforcement Today, CJ Evolution and The Tactical Breakdown.

I decided to start my own law enforcement training organization after success with a course I authored in 2014 called Response Tactics for Critical Incidents and In-Progress Crimes®. That course is a one-day seminar aimed at providing officers and supervisors the tools they need to make safe and methodical decisions at the scene of a crisis. I presented that course through another private training vendor for years and it was wildly successful. That success inspired me to launch my own company and bring the best possible instructors along with me as we teach advanced courses for law enforcement officers.

One reason I think I’m able to be an effective trainer is that I continue to be a working law enforcement officer even to this day. I regularly respond to the very same types of incidents that we discuss in our trainings. Students get the benefit of an instructor who can constantly update his materials based upon on-going real-world experiences.

I am so proud of the work the Savage Training Group is doing. We have several innovative courses in our inventory already and we’re just getting started. Here’s to the future!

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