Patrol Survival Tactics

A Special Presentation featuring Kyle Shoberg and Mark Redlich of the Shots Fired Podcast

Kyle Shoberg and Mark Redlich of Shots Fired Podcast

Get an insider’s look into deadly incidents. See what happened to Kyle and Mark, and what you can do to win when it happens to you.

Instructors Kyle Shoberg and Mark Redlich, hosts of the popular Shots Fired Podcast, are highly experienced California cops who have each survived several deadly confrontations. Their years of experience include SWAT, K9, patrol and special units. They have put together a training curriculum aimed at helping cops like you prepare to face a deadly encounter.
Shots Fired Podcast

In this 8-hour presentation you will learn:

  • The specific steps to mentally and physically preparing for deadly encounters and high stress incidents
  • Tactics: rapid scene assessments, tactical movements, decision making and communicating under stress
  • How to prepare yourself now for the after-effects of an officer-involved shooting

At Savage Training Group, we’re only interested in providing training that is modern, well-researched and will actually help cops like you succeed. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer this unique seminar taught by these popular law enforcement experts.

Kyle Shoberg
Kyle Shoberg is a Police Sergeant and K9 Team Supervisor in Northern California. He has 16 years of law enforcement experience including 7 years as a K9 Handler. Kyle was directly involved in 4 officer involved shootings and over 500 K9 deployments with 60 K9 apprehensions. He is the recipient of several police commendations, most notably an award for saving the life of an officer who had been shot. Kyle is the host of the popular Shots Fired Podcast.
Mark Redlich
Mark Redlich served with the Sacramento Police Department for over 13 years where he was assigned to the department’s full-time SWAT team. His assignments also included Patrol, Crime Suppression Unit, and the Gang Enforcement Team. As a SWAT operator, Mark made more than 350 search warrant entries and responded to more than 110 high risk SWAT deployments. He is the recipient of several police commendations and awards and was directly involved in an officer involved shooting. Mark is the co-host of the popular Shots Fired Podcast.

Officers, Deputies, and Field Supervisors:

Learn the tactics you need to save your life and the lives of your partners.

Quick Facts

Target Audience:

Officers, deputies, and field supervisors. Sworn law enforcement only. Space is extremely limited.

Seminar Length:

8 hours

Course Certifications:




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