About Savage Training Group

Our goals are simple: save lives and increase the professional capabilities of law enforcement officers

The Savage Training Group was founded in 2018 with two clear goals in mind.

First, we want to provide training that will save lives, both cops and citizens alike. Whether you are a cop or not, something we can all agree on is that officers need the best training we can offer them. It’s simply the best way to prevent the countless tragedies that so often fill the nightly news or viral videos.

Our second goal is to increase the professional capabilities of law enforcement officers even if it doesn’t amount to something as dramatic as life and death. That means if we find an opportunity to use training courses to give today’s officers and supervisors the tools they need to thrive, then we’ll do it.

The way we will accomplish these goals is simple but not easy. We’ll provide advanced law enforcement training in a modern way. We’ll take advantage of the latest up-to-date information and techniques and we’ll use the skills of the best instructors available. There won’t be any shortcuts or settling for mediocrity. We’ll just aim to bring you the best law enforcement training, period.