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About Savage Training Group

We’re on a mission to raise the bar of law enforcement training.

Savage Training Group

The Savage Training Group is a professional law enforcement training organization based in San Jose, California. We were founded in 2019 by Scott Savage, a veteran law enforcement officer and trainer. Our mission is to elevate the state of law enforcement training. We launched the Savage Training Group in 2019 in order to deliver modern, well researched and expertly delivered training courses. Far from “check the box” or “Death by Power Point” trainings, our courses are evidence-based, relevant, and delivered by passionate instructors.

Law enforcement officers are forced to operate in some of the most challenging circumstances imaginable. For too long, their training has been simply quantified by the numbers of hours they attend a particular course with little thought given to whether or not they actually learned anything or could recall it in the field under stress. We believe today’s law enforcement professionals deserve more which is why our training is so different.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Our organization embraces the modern science of learning. We invest countless hours into research and curriculum design so that we can ensure lasting learning has occurred for our students. After all, simple sitting through a training course is pointless if the student can’t retain the information and then recall it in the field under stress.
  • We hand select instructors who are not only highly experienced law enforcement professionals but are also expert teachers. Each has been chosen for their teaching skills, passion, expertise, and humility. Their role is to serve our students.
  • We have carefully curated a selection of training courses that are each designed to equip officers with the knowledge and skills to be successful. The curriculum is never static, and we are constantly incorporating new research and emerging laws into the courses to make sure they are current and relevant.

A commitment to raising the bar of law enforcement training has earned us a reputation for quality. Our clientele consists of those law enforcement officers and agencies who aren’t satisfied with “check the box” training courses and who instead demand better. To us, results matter. We invite you to read through the student testimonials on any of our training course description pages to see for yourself what our students are saying. Whether though our in-person training courses or our on-demand virtual courses, we’re excited to show you how we are raising the bar of law enforcement training.

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