Marlon Marrache

Marlon is a current Police Lieutenant with the California State University Dominguez Hills University Police Department. His recent retirement from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) did not last long due to a promotion to continue his leadership and teach the next generation of law enforcement officers. According to Marlon, “There is so much more work to be done. We need to teach Supervisors how to investigate IA complaints. We need to teach officers their rights.”
Marlon is a 24-year LAPD veteran and has over 12 years of Police Misconduct Investigation, adjudication, and examination experience. Much of his experience comes from when Marlon was assigned to Internal Affairs (IA) in a prosecutorial role, representing the Chief of Police conducting Board of Rights, a unique Tribunal Hearing (the only agency with such a process in the nation). The numerous cases he tried involved “False & Misleading” allegations and termination was at issue.

However, Marlon has also been assigned to Officer Representation Section (ORS) defending, representing the rank and file in Skelly Responses and most important, during the administrative process in an OIS or other critical incidents. Marlon ensured IA Investigators were not violating the Peace Officer Bill of Rights Act (POBRA).

Therefore, when Marlon teaches, the students will learn not just how to conduct an Internal Affairs Personnel Complaint Investigation but having the lens from both sides of the table, he will teach students how to complete a very precise well investigated written report from incident to adjudication. As Marlon would say “No Stone Goes Unturned.”

Marlon’s passion for discipline came early in his career when he was preparing cases for Court Marshals & Non-Judiciary Punishment (aka: Captain’s Mast) when he was in active duty in the U.S. Navy back in 1995. After joining the LAPD in July 1998, working as a patrol officer, then promoted to Sergeant in January 2007, his passion was reenergized when he was chosen to work ORS and IA.

Marlon possesses a Juris Doctorate from Pacific Coast University, School of Law and was going to become a full time Police Attorney until he was offered this recent promotion. Meanwhile, Marlon has been retained as a Subject Matter Expert and will continue to share his knowledge with students everything there is to know about IA investigations which he considers a very untapped subject matter.

Marlon teaches our Internal Affairs and Officer Involved Shooting Investigations course. He brings not only an incredible amount of experience from his time with LAPD but also his perspective now working at a small university police department.


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