Jason Louis

Jason Louis is the CEO of The Briefing Room and an active-duty patrol sergeant with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office. He has instructed Use of Force and Defensive Tactics classes for most of his 23 year career and currently oversees his agency’s use of force cadre and the curriculum for their regional training center. Jason is a certified Force Science Analyst, Enhanced Force Investigations Strategies Specialist, a sitting member on his agency’s use of force review board, and an expert in contemporary use of force law.

Currently assigned as a patrol sergeant with his agency, Jason has an extensive 20 year resume, heavily focused on the application and investigation of use of force incidents. He’s worked Custody, Courts, Patrol, Special Enforcement, Investigations, as a full-time In-Service Training Instructor and later, as the supervisor of the In-Service Training Unit at his agency’s regional training center where he supervised the training of over 1,200 employees.

He’s taught defensive tactics and use of force for last 15 years and is a sitting member on his agency’s use of force review board. Jason is a California POST certified instructor in Defensive Tactics, Use of Force/Deescalation, Force Options Simulator, Taser, and Emergency Vehicle Operations; a certified Force Science Analyst; Enhance Force Investigations Strategies Specialist; Gracie Survival Tactics Instructor; and a Brazilian jiujitsu brown belt under Rickson Gracie’s JiuJitsu Global Federation.

Jason is an innovative instructor. He developed a unique method of reviewing use of force incidents for his agency that keeps supervisors focused on maintaining continuity between reviews, keeping officers in-line with constitutional law, and lowering liability for everyone involved. When you attend Jason’s class, you’ll experience his unique approach to bringing a complex topic into focus and see how he’s been able to lower the liability exposure of his own agency. But the learning doesn’t stop the day you leave our training course. Jason created an online learning platform called The Briefing Room to help supervisors like you teach not only use of force concepts, but also dozens of other topics that today’s cops need to know. The Briefing Room gives supervisors everything they need to lead a briefing or roll call training including 90-second video clips produced by active-duty law enforcement experts.

When you walk away from our Use of Force for Field Supervisors class, you’ll have a strong understanding of what the courts, legislature and your community expects of its officers in use of force incidents, how to prepare your officers to manage these incidents, how to respond to and investigate everyday use of force incidents in the patrol supervisor’s role and how to lower the likelihood that they’ll occur in the first place.

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