John Morris

John was chosen to be a Savage Training Group Instructor not only because of his impressive resume but also because of his humility. Of course, John shares his successes with students but just as importantly he is quick to talk about the times he fell short. Our students get to benefit from an instructor who possesses all the right technical skills to teach but also one who isn’t full of himself.

John began his career with the 500-officer Winston-Salem Police Department in 1997 after serving his country as an U.S. Army Paratrooper. During his law enforcement career, he spent 21 years assigned to SWAT in roles ranging from entry team member to assistant team commander. He also routinely served as the Incident Commander for large scale events.

John first began teaching in the military and continued teaching in a variety of capacities throughout his police career. In addition to his assignment as a Basic Academy Sergeant, he holds a National Instructor Certification through the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training. He is also certified in North Carolina in Subject Control and Arrest Techniques and Rapid Deployment. John brings years of instructional experience to the Savage Training Group cadre.

As a seasoned law enforcement practitioner, John understands the tremendous scrutiny that law enforcement officers face. Early on, John surmised that the skill (or lack thereof) of first line supervisors was a key factor in the outcome of incidents. Unsatisfied with the paltry training that existed, he developed a customized training program for newly promoted sergeants in his agency, one focused on helping them prepare for high-liability incidents. John detailed that experience in an article published in Police Chief Magazine. He served on his Agency’s Use of Force Review Committee for over 10 years. He shares lessons learned from reviewing countless use of force incidents with our students to help them develop a rich understanding of use of force decision-making.

After 27 years of service in a profession he loved, John finished his career in 2024 as a Lieutenant serving as a Patrol Watch Commander and in Special Operations. John has now shifted his focus to helping officers and supervisors succeed by teaching them the tactical and legal principles required to do so.

To see where John will be next, check out the training schedule for the following courses:
Command of Multi-Jurisdictional Incidents, Practical De-Escalation and Tactical Conduct©, and Response to the Non-Criminal Barricade: Disengagement and Special Relationships®.

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