Kyle Cardin

Instructor Kyle Cardin is the Training Sergeant with Santa Clara Police Department (CA). He previously served with the San Jose Police Department (CA) where his assignments included being a member of the full time SWAT Team (known as M.E.R.G.E.), Field Training Officer, and Academy Instructor.

In 2014, Kyle was hired by the Santa Clara Police Department (CA). After several years in the Patrol Division, Kyle was promoted to Sergeant. He has served as a field supervisor, FTO Sergeant and currently is the Training Division Sergeant. In his current role, he has the unique opportunity to roll out new training and then measure if the training is working in the field. That means when you attend one of Kyle’s classes you will have the benefit of learning contemporary concepts that really work.

Kyle’s study of the modern science of learning includes completion of the Force Science Institute’s Methods of Instruction course.

Although Kyle has plenty of experience in law enforcement special operations, he believes it is patrol officers who are most in need of specialized training. Patrol officers are often overlooked and under-trained so Kyle has developed easy-to-understand concepts they can use to resolve critical incidents. According to Kyle, “Patrol teams must be able to think, be flexible, and communicate effectively to be successful. We have training that can help them do just that.”

Kyle is currently an instructor in our Effective Police Training course.

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