Steve Valentine

Steve is a current Field Training Officer with the San Jose Police Department in California. Not only is San Jose the birthplace of the FTO concept, it’s also a big department that cycles a lot of recruits through the program. By training dozens of entry-level and lateral trainees over the years, Steve has seen nearly every issue there is.

Steve began his law enforcement career in 2006. He has been assigned as an FTO since 2017. Prior to becoming a cop, he was a K-9 Handler, Trainer, and Instructor with the United States Air Force.

As an FTO, Steve has mastered how to effectively train police officers to be successful. He constantly receives exemplary critiques from his trainees after they complete the program. His trainees routinely remark how Steve shows patience especially with young officers who are often intimidated by the FTO program.

As an instructor in our Field Training Officer and Field Training Officer Update courses, Steve shares the same real-word techniques that he uses in the field. You’ll be learning from an instructor who has not only “been there and done that” but also is still doing it! Whether you are a new or seasoned FTO, Steve will help bolster your skills and make you an expert trainer.

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