Cancellation and Refund Policy

Thank you for choosing Savage Training Group. We know you have a busy schedule and plans change so you may need to cancel a course registration. Below you will find a full explanation of our cancellation policy. If you need to cancel a registration and are within the cancellation window as described below, please contact us so we can work with you to find a solution.

Please also see our Terms of Use which covers your requirement to abide by this Cancellation Policy.

Registration Cancellations / Refunds and Credits

Savage Training Group relies on the services of premium instructors and contractors to deliver courses (that’s legal jargon meaning we spend a lot of money hiring the best!). The successful delivery of those courses depends on our ability to schedule instructors, secure venues, advertise the course and prepare materials ahead of time. As such, we must abide by the following restrictions when we provide a refund for a cancelled student registration.

Please note that due to the logistics of presenting high-quality multi-day FTO courses, we require you to request a cancellation no later than 4-weeks prior to FTO or FTO Update courses.

While we understand departmental scheduling conflicts, please be aware that there are no exceptions to this policy. When you register for, or register an officer for a course, please be sure you or that officer can attend or that you request a refund within the below listed cancellation periods. Upon check out you will be asked to confirm your understanding of this policy. Please do not check the box if you are not willing to abide by this policy in all cases.

If you need to cancel a spot in a course, contact us. We’ll use the date we receive your email to determine if we can refund you based on the refund schedule below. Here are the numbers you need to know:

Online Courses

Refunds may be issued for up to 30 days from receipt of payment if course materials have not been accessed.

FTO, FTO Update and Field Training Program Supervisor (FTPS) Courses Only

Cancellation Date % of Refund
28 days or more 100%
(minus 3% credit card processing fee or $15 invoice fee)
Less than 28 days 0%

All Other In-Person Courses

Cancellation Date % of Refund
14 days or more 100%
(minus 3% credit card processing fee or $15 invoice fee)
Less than 14 days 0%

Online Courses

Cancellation Date % of Refund
Within 30 days of purchase and course has not yet been accessed 100%
(minus 3% credit card processing fee or $15 invoice fee)

Late Cancellations and No-Shows

No refund will be issued under the following circumstances:

  1. A registration cancellation for an FTO, FTO Update or Field Training Program Supervisor course is received less than 28 days from the course start date,
  2. A registration cancellation for any non FTO, non FTO Update or non-Field Training Program Supervisor in-person course is received less than 14 days from the course start date,
  3. A student enrolled in an online course has accessed any of the course materials or a refund has not been requested within 30 days of receipt of payment,
  4. If a student “no shows” to an in-person course without advanced noticed as described in #1 or #2 above.


If you registered a student but need to have another student attend in their place please contact us so we can make that happen for you.

Late Invoice Payments

Beginning January 1, 2023, invoices that are more than 30 days overdue will be assessed a 1% late fee per each month the invoice is overdue.

Course Cancellations and Postponements

Savage Training Group is dedicated to delivering every course as advertised. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it may become necessary to cancel or postpone a course. In the event that becomes necessary, every effort will be made to communicate that to the registered students in a timely manner. Although such a cancellation is a highly unusual event, Savage Training Group nevertheless reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course for any reason at any time. All students who are registered at the time of cancellation or postponement will receive a full refund and the option to register for a re-scheduled course.

Although unusual, in the event the venue for a particular course must be changed, refunds will not be issued but registered parties may elect not to attend and to instead receive credit for a future course.

Although unusual, the instructors who were advertised to instruct a course may change.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Cancellation Policy, please contact us.

Last revised January 18, 2023

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