Modern Interview and Interrogation

Become confident in interviewing suspects, informants, victims, and witnesses.

A must-attend course for every patrol officer and detective.

Modern Interview and Interrogation Course

(24 Hours)

California POST Certified: #1345-31445 – Plan N/A

We believe every law enforcement officer deserves to become an expert in conducting interviews. The problem is without an understanding of case law and best evidence-based techniques, it can he hard to feel confident. That’s why we created the Modern Interview and Interrogation course. You’ll walk away form this course with new tools in your toolbox and the confidence to interview any suspect, informant, victim, or witness.

You’re going to be amazed at how many people are going to want to talk to you after this training. There’s no multi-step procedure to learn. Instead, we’ll show you simple concepts that are highly effective. Plus, our training is ethical and based on the latest research so you and your agency can be proud of the training you’re receiving.

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If getting suspects to talk to you was all you got out of this training… it would be worth it.

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If learning evidence-based techniques was all you got out of this training… it would be worth it.

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If finally mastering Miranda law was all you got out of this training… it would be worth it.

But you are not going to just learn one of these things, you are going to learn ALL of these things.

In addition, you are going to leave this training with the confidence to know you can complete any type of interview in a modern, legal, and professional manner.

Registration is restricted to sworn law enforcement staff.

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Modern Interview and Interrogation

Feb 6Camarillo, CA

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Quick Facts

Target Audience:

Patrol officers, detectives and other sworn investigators

Course Length:

24 hours (3 days)

Course Certifications:

California POST Certified. Need certification for your state?

All of our courses are California POST certified because we are based in California. However, we present courses all over the United States and we’re happy to work with you to obtain certification in your particular state.



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You’ve probably been frustrated and thought “There ought to be a better way.” Well, now there is. Our course designers experienced the same frustrations you did and spent years creating an interview and interrogation course designed specifically for you.

Interviewing suspects doesn’t have to be hard and you shouldn’t have to wait until you’re a seasoned detective to learn how to do it. In our course, there’s no multi-step procedure to learn. Instead we’ll show you how to cut through the confusion of interrogations with skills you can use every day. You’re going to be amazed at how easy it will be for you to conduct interviews after this training because you’ll know simple concepts that are highly effective.

What are students are saying:

"Before this training I was frustrated because I had little to know plan when I was going into interviews. This course solved that! Now I have legitimate tools to use and a plan."

— Ofc. J. Janowczyk, Healdsburg PD (CA)

"My favorite part of the course was the student interaction that kept everyone engaged. I'm excited to get to work to try these techniques and teach others."

— Ofc. Lupita Figueroa, Rohnert Park Dept. of Public Safety (CA)

“Excellent course and excellent instructors. This course should be mandatory.”

— Ofc. Elmore Spencer, Union City PD (CA)

“Must attend. Great class.”

— Deputy Javier Acosta, San Mateo County Sheriff's Office (CA)

“I had no experience with interviews. This made me much more confident.”

— Deputy Aubrey Phillips, Alameda County Sheriff's Office (CA)

“Learning T.E.D.S. and conversation launchers was great because now I have more tools to help me get the facts.”

— Officer Damien Wyrick, San Francisco Police Department (CA)

“Before this course I was feeling insufficient as an investigator but in this course I learned about T.E.D.S, the question funnel and conversation launchers and now I feel more confident to interview suspects and witnesses.”

— Deputy M.D., San Mateo County Sheriff's Office (CA)

If you are like most officers, you can’t stand those courses where a dry instructor clicks through a PowerPoint. Rest assured, there is no “Death by PowerPoint” here! We only use instructors who are not only experts in conducting interviews but also expert instructors. While we’re incredibly lucky to have them as instructors, this course isn’t about the instructor, it’s about you. We’re here to build your skills and your career. You are the hero in this story. Our instructors will be your guides.

Your Instructors

Dominic Gamboa is a 28-year veteran of both the San Francisco and Santa Clara Police Departments. Sure he has the street experience to tell you what works and what doesn’t, but he’s also an expert-level instructor. Instead of “Death by Power Point”, Dom is known for captivating students and keeping them engaged.

Corporal Joshua Helton is a 15-year law enforcement veteran with a Bay Area law enforcement agency. As a Detective, he specialized in sensitive investigations including domestic violence and strangulation cases. He is a frequent presenter to prosecutors, law enforcement officers and victim advocates. After an exhaustive amount of special training, Josh has developed an expertise in conducting non-coercive and modern, trauma-informed interviews. More importantly, he knows how to help our students develop the same skills, so they leave the course with confidence.

Frank Lowe

Frank Lowe has a lifelong commitment to helping students like you be successful. He is a seasoned instructor with experience as a police academy instructor and coordinator, in-service instructor and community college instructor. While serving as an investigator and a detective supervisor, Frank learned the intricacies of how to effectively gather information. He has honed that experience into simple concepts he can teach you.

Max Garces

Max Garces is currently an Investigator assigned to the Homicide Division of the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office in Fresno County, California. As a working law enforcement officer in one of California’s toughest areas, Max understands the challenges today’s officers face. He’s ready to share everything he knows about interviews and interrogations. You’ll benefit from a highly experienced instructor who has “been there and done that”, but remains humbly committed to helping you do the same.

Dom, Joshua, Frank and Max will guide you through everything you need to become an unstoppable interviewer.

Here’s Why You Need This Course

Before Taking the Course

  • “Suspects don’t want to talk to me.”
  • “I don’t have time to do a long interview.”
  • “Miranda, Beheler and all the rules are confusing.”
  • “Other I&I classes aren’t relevant for my day to day work.”

After Taking the Course

  • You’ll learn the practical and legal ways to convince a suspect to talk to you.
  • You’ll learn an efficient way even patrol officers can perform a great interview.
  • You’ll leave this course completely confident about the intricacies of law.
  • This course is a new, modern course specifically designed for both patrol officers and detectives.

This is a comprehensive Modern Interview and Interrogation Course for Law Enforcement Officers

This course includes skill development in the following domains:

  • Conversation Management
  • Rapport Building
  • Suspect, Victim, Witness and Informant Interviews
  • Non-Coercive Interviewing
  • Patrol vs. Investigations Settings
  • Principle-Based Interviewing
  • Beheler / Miranda
  • Apology Letters
  • The Pitfalls of Using Outdated Techniques

To register you must be a working law enforcement officer.
Parole and probation officers are welcome.
This course is California Post Certified.

How Is This Course Different?

Our Modern Interview and Interrogation course is the culmination of years of research and development. Our course designers worked with subject-matter experts both in and outside of the United States as well as justice advocates and interview experts. The result is a new type of training course that builds on the proven techniques of the past while avoiding those implicated in causing false confessions. Instead of complicated multi-step techniques, we teach simple to understand, highly practical concepts that out students can begin using immediately. Instead, of “Death by Power Point”, our presentation is highly active and engaging. The result is a well-researched, modern, and fun training course for today’s professional law enforcement officer.

Legal Considerations
You Need to Know:

Some antiquated interviewing techniques have been implicated as being coercive and potentially causing false confessions. Using those outdated techniques can be disastrous for not only an innocent person but for you and your agency. In the U.S., new laws such as California’s AB 2644 will require law enforcement officers to be trained in non-coercive interviewing. Our Modern Interview and Interrogation course delivers. Come learn concepts that are not only legal and ethical but also highly effective at getting to the truth.

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