Response Tactics for Critical Incidents
and In-Progress Crimes®

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Response Tactics for Critical Incidents
and In-Progress Crimes® Course

We give law enforcement officers the training they need to respond to critical incidents with confidence.

As a law enforcement officer, you are under scrutiny like never before. You have to make decisions in tense, uncertain and rapidly unfolding circumstances and if you get it wrong, the consequences are enormous. Do you know how to apply the latest laws and modern techniques so you can get it right?

Imagine how you would feel if no matter what call came over the radio, you instantly knew what to do, what the priority was, and how to automatically bring calm and order to the situation.

Our “Response Tactics for Critical Incidents and In-Progress Crimes” course has trained hundreds of officers/deputies and supervisors just like yourself to be that squared-away, “go-to” officer, that other officers look to for leadership when a crisis occurs. Our students learn how to apply the latest developments in case law so they can protect themselves from liability while also protecting and serving the public.

See Why This Course Is So Highly Rated

Have you ever experienced this frustration when responding to a critical incident or in-progress crime?

  • Incomplete info from dispatch
  • Lack of radio discipline
  • Not everybody is on the same page
  • Suspect escapes the perimeter
  • Lack of control and coordination
  • Confusion over liability and how to apply the latest case law

It’s frustrating and there ought to be a better way.

Well, there is a better way! Join the hundreds of officers and Supervisors who have taken the Response Tactics for Critical Incidents and In-Progress Crimes course.

Here are 7 reasons that our students say you need to take this course:

  • You can easily become that squared-away person that brings calm to any situation
  • Learn de-escalation techniques you can actually use
  • The things you learn are practical and you can literally use them during your very next shift
  • Perfect for officers/deputies, sergeants and lieutenants
  • This gives you a competitive edge to get promoted
  • Great for brushing up your skills
  • You learn not only how to do things but WHY we do them

Quick Facts

Target Audience:

Law enforcement officers and supervisors

Course Length:

8 hours

Course Certifications:

California POST Certified. Need certification for your state?

All of our courses are California POST certified because we are based in California. However, we present courses all over the United States and we’re happy to work with you to obtain certification in your particular state.



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Course Curriculum:

  • Critical Incident Decision Making
  • Practical Incident Command and Scene Control
  • Modern De-Escalation Techniques using a Pre-Contact Assessment
  • Coordinating a Multi Officer Response
  • Barricaded Suspect Incidents
  • Fleeing Suspect Containment and Apprehension
  • Coordinating Small and Large Perimeter Operations
  • A Critical Incident Checklist
  • and much more!

Still not sure? Why not claim your free copy of instructor Scott Savage’s eBook “The 5 Golden Rules of Critical Incident Response” and learn the most important rules and hacks for how to handle an incident right now.

Your instructor will be Deputy Chief Dan Flippo (ret.) from the Santa Cruz, CA Police Department. Dan has 29 years of experience in SWAT and Patrol and is also currently an instructor with the National Tactical Officers Association. Most importantly, Dan understands your perspective whether you are from a large or small agency and whether you are an officer or supervisor. He is a passionate instructor who is going to make sure you have a great time while learning how to handle any critical incident.


Know You’re
Doing It Right

Be Prepared

Would you be willing to spend 8 hours of your life to increase your confidence, know you are doing things right and to become that go-to person?

Students Are Saying:

“I was frustrated seeing call after call not handled with the care it needed. I am positive more officers would still be alive right now, including my partner who was killed, had more agencies sent their officers and supervisors to this training.”

– Detective Brian Wilson, Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department (CA)

“If you want to become a better officer or supervisor, take this course!”

– Deputy A. Pigott, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department (CA)

“After attending, I feel more confident training, teaching and running an in-progress call. The class is super fun and practical!”

— Senior Deputy Tyler Abbott, Ventura County SO (CA)

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