Savage Training Group | Field Training Officer Update Course (24 Hours)

Field Training Officer Update

November 18 - 20, 2024

Hayward Public Library - Fremont Bank Room

888 C St.

Hayward, CA 94541

8am - 5pm

Hosted by the Hayward Police Department

CA POST Certified:



Your agency on average spends $100K to hire a new officer and get them through the field training program. But how much thought has been put into the training your FTOs receive? We've designed a new, modern FTO Update course that guarantees that your FTOs will learn the best methods to Teach, Evaluate and Document. Come see why our FTO courses receive 100% positive reviews.

This experience is unlike any other FTO Update course. This is a modern approach to how adults like to learn (No "Death by Power Point"). Our course is taught by expert-level instructors who guarantee your FTOs will leave with a new set of skills, each one designed to help them teach and mentor a trainee or lateral officer through the FTO program.

Give your FTOs the best training available, and register them today.

Why FTOs Should Take This Course:

  • We use only expert level instructors who get the students thinking critically. The students learn modern teaching techniques based on the science of learning. Our expert teachers make your FTOs expert teachers!
  • Each student receives a personalized copy of the Human Resource Industry’s leading book about writing performance evaluations. They learn specifically what to write and what to avoid for liability reasons.
  • Students receive good and bad examples of Daily Observation Reports and Remedial Training Plans. They then practice writing each and receive expert feedback from our instructors.
  • Students learn realistic and meaningful ways to teach De-Escalation, Principled Based Policing and other modern policing subjects.
    Your agency is concerned about hiring and retaining trainees. We give your FTOs new tools to accomplish that mission.

Please have each student bring a laptop computer and a portable USB drive.

Steve Valentine
Dominic Gamboa

Steve Valentine and Dom Gamboa are not only highly-experienced law enforcement professionals from Northern California but they are also expert instructors. Steve is a current Field Training Officer with the San Jose Police Department. Dom is a former Training Unit Officer with the San Francisco Police Department and is a current Sergeant with the Broadmoor Police Department. Each have decades of experience teaching law enforcement officers. They are obsessed with delivering highly engaging courses and they are the reason why our FTO training programs are so different than the typical "Death by Power Point" courses.

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