Use of Force Analysis for Law Enforcement Managers

Use of Force Analysis for Law Enforcement Managers

September 17, 2024

Anaheim Police Department East Station

8201 E. Santa Ana Canyon Road

Anaheim, CA 92808

8am - 5pm

Hosted by the Anaheim Police Department

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The authority to use force carries with it a tremendous amount of liability for officers and agencies. Getting it wrong can lead to lawsuits, riots and calls for changes in agency leadership. Yet, when most officers promote into management, they receive little to no use of force training, especially regarding the evaluation of these incidents for compliance with agency policy and training standards. This class bridges that gap.

Designed specifically for lieutenants, captains and commanders, students will leave this course with an advanced understanding of how to evaluate use of force incidents and implement policies designed to reduce use of force liability based on recent case opinions. Regardless of their current level of use of force knowledge, students will leave this course with an advanced understanding of modern use of force law and a structured process that will allow them to confidently evaluate use of force incidents and address any issues that are identified.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Confidently evaluate common use of force incidents like Taser deployments, takedowns and wrist locks for policy and training compliance
  • Introduce a structured system for evaluating and reducing use of force incidents to your agency
  • Reduce liability and protect your officers by implementing policies based on recent case decisions

This course is focused on arming current and aspiring supervisors with practical tools they can begin using immediately. Through the use of case analysis and scenarios, students will leave this course confident in conducting use of force reviews.

Jason LouisDan Flippo

Jason Louis is the CEO of The Briefing Room and an active-duty patrol sergeant with the Ventura County Sheriff's Office. He has instructed Use of Force and Defensive Tactics classes for most of his 23-year career. Deputy Chief Dan Flippo recently retired from the Santa Cruz Police Department with over 20 years experience overseeing both operational and administrative divisions. He understands the policy, training, and personnel issues involved with evaluating uses of force.

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