FTOs must attend an update course every 3 years.
Are your FTOs actually learning the latest methods to Teach, Evaluate and Document?

FTOs must attend an update course every 3 years.
Are your FTOs actually learning the latest methods to Teach, Evaluate and Document?

Field Training Officer Update (24 hours)

California POST Certified – Plan IV | Certification Number: 1345-31715

We introduce FTOs to our methods of teaching, evaluating and documenting trainees. They get to experience the core portions of what has made our 40-hour FTO course so successful.

Your FTOs leave with the latest, cutting edge information on use of technology, principled based policing, de-escalation and most importantly how to actually TEACH new officers and laterals alike.

Here are 3 ways our FTO Update course is different:

  • Spend 3 days teaching, evaluating and documenting instead of watching an instructor click through a dry Power Point.
  • FTOs receive templates of good and bad Daily Observation Reports and Remedial Training Plans
  • We only use Expert Instructors who use modern teaching techniques. This is an immersive course where the students get lots of practice evaluating and teaching trainee role players.

Are your FTOs in compliance with the law? For example, in California, your FTOs are required to attend an update course every three years. Read the regulations here.

Most agencies struggle with hiring and retaining quality recruits. Having well trained FTOs can make the difference between recruits successfully passing the Field Training Program or not. Your seasoned FTOs need to constantly hone their skills. What better way to do it than for them to attend what our students are calling “the best FTO training there is”?

Your FTOs ability to teach, evaluate and document can make all the difference, especially when it comes to remediated a struggling recruit. Your FTOs are preparing your new officers to be the future of your department. We’re going to give them the tools to do just that.

What’s different about our FTO Update Course? Everything. This is a modern course being presented by expert level instructors. Each day, the students teach, evaluate and document so by the time they leave the course they are confident they’re up to date and doing it right. Come see why our FTO courses receive 100% positive reviews.

We asked experienced FTOs and program supervisors what they would like to see in a modern FTO Update Course and here’s what they said:

  1. Provide the students with templates and updated training on writing Daily Observation Reports and Remedial Training Plans.
  2. Instead of outdated videos and handouts, use live role players to allow the student to teach and evaluate in a realistic setting.
  3. Use expert instructors who by example can show the students advanced teaching techniques.

Our course solves every issue the seasoned FTOs identified. We know how important hiring and retaining new officers is to your agency so we designed an update course that ensures FTOs are ready to move that trainee successfully through the Field Training Program. For those trainees who must be let go, our course teaches FTOs how to thoroughly document the matter and avoid liability for the agency.

What are students are saying:

"Before attending this course, I was frustrated by the lack of definition SEG categories 2, 3, 5 and 6. I was also frustrated by not knowing how to correct issues I saw with my trainees. During the course we spent time deconstructing each SEG rating number. Then we did table-top exercises where we figured out the root causes behind a struggling trainee’s issues. Now I feel prepared for my next trainee.”

— Officer K. Pronske, Atherton PD (CA)

"I didn't know if the way I was training my trainees was the right way or even worth the effort. This course reinforced that what I was doing was correct. Every FTO on the planet should attend this course! My favorite part was the expertise, entertainment and new concepts.”

— Officer T. Aspegren, Vallejo PD (CA)

"Before attending, I was frustrated by not knowing how to get through to trainee who was struggling. This course taught me how to diagnosis a trainee's problem using the KRSA analysis (Knowledge/Rule/Skill/Attitude). Now I am confident and will bring this info back and help improve our Field Training Program. This course is really worth it!”

— Officer H. Murphy, Monterey County Law Enforcement Agency (CA)

Your Instructors

Savage Training Group | Field Training Officer Instructors Domenic Gamboa, Steve "Pappy" Papenfuhs and Scott Savage

Dominic Gamboa
Steve “Pappy” Papenfuhs
Scott Savage

A message for Training Managers and FTO Supervisors:

“Teaching law enforcement officers is our passion which is why we dedicated our careers to training cops. The reason we got together to take on the challenge of creating the best FTO courses is because we know just how important it is. We have poured all our law enforcement and teaching experience into the FTO and FTO Update course and we can confidently say there is simply nothing else like it. We guarantee your FTOs are going to leave our course fully up to speed on the latest training methods and laws. They are also going to walk away with the confidence to be the best FTOs they can be.”

A message for FTOs:

“If you’re like a lot of experienced FTOs, you probably have wondered if you are doing it right. You’re wondering if you are grading a trainee correctly and if your teaching methods are the correct way to reach a trainee. You probably also want to know a know a specific way to diagnose why a trainee is struggling and how to fix them. After attending this course, you are going to walk away with absolute clarity on all those issues because those are the same issues that our past students were experiencing before attending. You’re also going to walk away with an increased confidence in your overall abilities to teach, evaluate and document. We are going to show you the science behind how people learn and we’re going to do it in a fun way! You are going to experience a course that is unlike any other and we can’t wait to show you what we have prepared for you.”

Your guides,
— Dom, Steve, and Scott

The California Laws About FTO Update Training.
Are your FTOs in compliance?

California Code of Regulations, Title 11, Division 2, Article 1

Section (d)1-3

Every newly appointed FTO shall successfully complete a POST-certified Field Training Officer Course prior to training new officers, and complete 24-hours of update training every three years following completion of the Field Training Officer Course. The update training shall be satisfied by:

  • Completing a POST-certified Field Training Officer Update Course, or
  • Completing 24-hours of department-specific training in the field training topics contained in the Field Training Officer Update Course

Every reassigned FTO, after a 3 year-or-longer break in service as an FTO, shall successfully complete a POST-certified Field Training Officer Update Course prior to training new officers, and complete 24-hours of update training every three years. The update training shall be satisfied by (same as above).

For information on laws pertaining to FTO training outside of California, please contact your State POST representative or your agency’s training coordinator.

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