Practical De-Escalation and Tactical Conduct

Practical De-Escalation and Tactical Conduct

November 12 - 13, 2024

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) Headquarters

9665 Granite Ridge Drive, Suite 100

San Diego, CA 92123

8am - 5pm

Hosted by San Diego High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA)

CA POST Certified:



De-escalation should be more than a training course, it should be a culture. But creating that culture starts with great training. Today’s officers need to know the specific tactics they can use to avoid a violent confrontation. They need a rock-solid understanding of new use of force laws and liability cases so they can make well informed decisions. They deserve a modern, highly-specialized training where the focus is on learning, not checking a box.

There is no more high-liability occupation than being a patrol officer in the year 2023. But in order to make those officers successful, it takes a team of highly trained dispatchers, supervisors and training staff. To be on the same page, your team needs to all be trained the same way. That is why we recommend your team attends the Practical De-Escalation and Tactical Conduct course.

Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Specific Ways to Operationalize the Many of the Components of De-Escalation and Use of Force Training as Described in SB230
  • The New Use of Force Law: Why CA Police Officers Have Been Criminally Charged
  • Tactical Conduct: Pre-Contact Assessments, Incident Coordination and Decision Making
  • Creating the Conditions for Successful De-Escalation
  • Case Studies of De-Escalation Successes and Failures
  • Human Performance Factors Affecting Officers and Suspects
  • The Public Duty Doctrine: Avoiding the Trap of a False Constraint
Deputy Chief Dan Flippo
Lieutenant David Bautista

Dan Flippo and David Bautista are not only highly-experienced law enforcement professionals, but also expert instructors. Their command over new laws, modern tactics, human factors, and the science of learning has led to the development of this one-of-a-kind training course. Dan and David are laser-focused on helping police officers save lives and prevent liability through the use of superior tactics, knowledge of the law, and deep understanding of decision making.

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